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Raw food for a pup to gain weight

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  • Raw food for a pup to gain weight

    Hi all

    I have a GSD pup who came home with me a week ago a bit underweight. He was second to the runt in his litter (11 pups), so he has always been a bit behind. Since coming to me, I have had him on Raw and Fresh chicken essentials mix. I am feeding 10% of ideal weight (~7-7.5kg), he is currently ~6.2kg. Any tips for good products to add to help him gain a bit of weight? I obviously don't want to just load him up with fatty rubbish.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is he actually underweight based on his body assessment? You don't want to grow a GSD out too heavy as it is not good for their joints. You could increase what he is currently getting if it is a well balanced mix. Is he eating it all well?