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Thoughts on K9 Natural vs Ziwipeak dog food?

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  • Thoughts on K9 Natural vs Ziwipeak dog food?

    Hi everyone,

    Just looking for some advice on dog food. I have an 8yo maltese x shih tzu. He has been suffering from pretty bad allergies over the last 2 years (itchy paws and tummy, tear staining) and also has some recurring dental issues. He was eating Vets All Natural grains mixed human grade meat from the supermarket for about 12months. This diet hasn't really helped his allergies but condition of his teeth has definitely improved.

    I was reading about how grains might be contributing to his allergies, so was looking to change his diet. I started him on Ziwi Peak but then noticed that there was added salt so am now trying K9 Natural. I was just curious what people think of these two foods as I have read conflicting reviews about the K9 Natural - one site gave it 5 stars and the other gave it 1.5!

    He also currently takes Apoquel intermittently to help with his allergies.

    thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I personally think both Ziwipeak and K9 Natural are awesome products. I use K9 Natural's toppers as extras on my dogs foods, can't feed either brand to my dogs exclusively because I have big dogs and it would send me broke, haha!

    I do however use both brands as a backup for my ferrets if I run out of raw food and my cat eats Feline Natural as well.