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    Ticks are only found in coastal areas, although there is a bush tick but I am not sure it is fatal for canines??
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      I don't think bush tick is fatal, it's just annoying and causes the dog discomfort. As far as fatality goes, Paralysis tick is the only one I think. Better look it up and be safe.


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        A bit off topic but something to think about even if you live an area free of paralysis ticks.

        A couple of years ago aquaintances returned to Vic from a holiday is the north. Shortly afterwards they noticed symptoms of paralysis tick poisoning in their Pug and rushed him to the Vet. Unfortunately they lost him. All we can guess is that somehow they transported a tick with their luggage.


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          Originally posted by Morgan View Post
          Does anyone else use this on their dogs?

          I use it with Tony although it is pretty expensive.

          Are there any cheaper alternatives that are just as affective?
          Keep checking here, youll be able to find some going cheap.

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            I use advantix, every 6 weeks. I use it more for flee prevention (As the nasty neighbourhood flee bags bring them into our yarn) but i like the added tick protection , as we go bushwalking quite often and it worrys me. I dont apply in winter, stopped in April and he will be done again in September. I think the less chemicals you give them the better personally.