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How to treat irritated / sensitive skin

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  • How to treat irritated / sensitive skin


    I have a 1 year old Staffy Bitsa and she is mostly white. I noticed when she was younger and it was warmer she developed skin irritation on her belly. It looks very sore. It went away during winter, but now it's back.

    I was wondering if anyone had any natural tips to help heal this before I took her to the vet.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Suzy.
    A vet will take a scraping, n look under microscope, and can see any parasites etc. Cost stupid amounts of $
    So perhaps consider having no access to grass, or providing a blanket on it if dog will lay on that.
    Try: apple cider vinegar 1 cup in a 4 litre bucket of water. Only allow this a drinking water.
    Sudocrem nappy rash baby cream. Spread thinly over rash daily in morning.
    Take dog swimming in sea.
    Add lard to meal. 1 tablespoon.
    All natural options that have worked for me n mine previously.
    I'm a nurse, you have to be dying to see a dr here. Whatever your species


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      Calamine lotion worked on one of my newfies who had a grass allergy and got skin reactions
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          Heaps of sugar in the dry then promotes yeast in your pup. Yeast then becomes the main cause of allergies, smell and itchiness in pups + other health problems !
          A video to watch to explain this ?

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            Thank you for your help and suggestions everyone...

            I was feeding her the vets all natural muesli and raw meat diet as suggested by my vet. I have since switched her to Hills Science - Sensitive Skin formula. Both top quality foods.

            I have since noticed that it may be something in the environment outside doing this. It appears randomly on and off. I have spoken to my local vet and as I am moving to the coast, he said it may change then.

            Thank you!

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                Going to a grain-free diet has really helped a few dogs I know