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Old Dog Syndrome?

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  • Old Dog Syndrome?

    Hi all,

    New to the forums and just wanting some advice.

    Cody is our Maltese X who we have had for 12 and a half years now. Over the past six months and a lot worse in the past month his behaviour has started to change.

    Some of the symptoms include:
    - constant shaking and heavy panting
    - reverse sneezing
    - barking at nothing
    - 1000yard stare
    - found nesting or hiding in random spots
    - up all night wandering round
    - Occasional loss of bladder control

    He will also (when he is finally relaxed and resting) kick and jump up as if he was bitten by something and take off for a few paces. He'll then look around the room and realises were is his.

    At times he is good and happy, especially when at the beach he becomes his lively self. But lately these symptoms are getting worse.

    It has started taking a toll on my partner and I as we are up most of the night trying to help calm him.

    He has his little thunder buddy coat he wears which helped for a little while. We have also tried wrapping him in a blanket but he gets restless and wants out.

    We have tried keeping him in our bed but once he calms down he will get up and start wandering round and then will come back barking or making noises to wake us up, but will usually run off if you get up to let him on. We have also tried setting him up a bed in another room, however he will just start scratching at the door and barking.

    As for his diet he has a mixture of wet and dry dog food.

    He has been to the vet a few times now. But so far been little help.

    Before I head back to see the vets I just wanted a bit more information on what could be going on.

    Thanks in advance.


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    It's not easy watching a beloved dog age

    If the vets have run tests and found no medical problems causing these symptoms then many of those symptoms would fit with doggy dementia.

    Perhaps next time you see the vet you should ask if they think your dog might have dementia.


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      It does sound like dementia: disorientation. Reacting at ? Nothing you can see.
      Whilst my dogs have all died of old age. Only 1 had this cluster of symptoms you describe well.
      Ask your vet to guide you when it is time. For my dog... i chose to call it when more in distress than not.
      Really really hard to do.
      But also worse to watch him suffer so.
      My heart gors out to you if it is dementia.


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        Thanks, the advice is much appreciated.

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