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Ear cleaning recipe?

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  • Ear cleaning recipe?

    Juice's ears get dirty. 2 days ago she began scratching at her ear, and yelped. Since then her ear carriage is wrong. So off to vet today for an exam to check for why. My exam: its redder than other 1 but cant see why? They are dirty however. So once this dilema is sorted. Thought maybe i should be cleaning them. I tend to use saline solution for everything - but do others have some recipe for this please. She is also head shaking today.

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    Also will get vet to see if shes out of her pseudo pregancy so i can desex her. She has had 6 months of 2 x back to back season, then 4 months of pseudo pregnancy. Whilst she still has saggy empty tits. Huge shift in her behaviour last 2 weeks. Less er, violent tendencies. She really has been difficult. So fingers crossed she can be speyed now.


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        I use PAW gentle ear cleaner. It is very gentle, a great choice.

        Finn's ears get filthy so I have to clean them out once a week to prevent infections (typical poodle). A lot of people squirt the cleaner directly into the ear but I've heard of that causing infections if done too regularly. So I just squirt some on a cotton ball and rub it all in and around the ear, then dry it off with a dry cotton ball.


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          I've never had a dog with ear problems until I got Chloe...when Chloe turned 12 mths old she started scratching her ears and shaking her of hers was to the Vet.

          Vet says she has an ear infection...common in GSDs and will have it for the rest of her life...why doesn't that surprise me.

          Vet says...drops for two weeks and come back for a follow-up...went back...told more drops for three days and clean her ears every week. Several months later...ear problem back...told clean ears once a week and drops for life. About 18 mths ago I stopped using the drops and cleaned her ears every week then every three weeks then once a month...everything seemed fine.

          Unfortunately in November last year back it to the vet again but this time I was given different ml in each ear twice a day for 10 days. The ear problem didn't come back for five months and now I only clean her ears once a month...which is where I am at the moment. I've just finished the Topigen course and Chloe seems fine...till next time.

          I know Chloe will have this for life...vets don't know why and can only treat no time did she have a discharge...swelling or a bad smell...just a big build-up of black wax which I think makes her scratch and shake her head.

          Anyway bernie your dog might have something different to Chloe...I hope it isn't the same and don't ask how much this problem has cost from then till God knows when because we'd both have Heart attacks.

          P.S I just use an ear cleaner from the pet shop...don't think it matters as I have tried several.
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            Hi there
            we have a 2 Ridgeback x bull mastiff sisters, one who used to get stinky black gunk in one ear. Optix recommended by the vets, used to dry it out too much and make it sensitive and red, tender to the touch. Now we use mullein and garlic ear oil from iherb. Much better results. less frequent.


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              My dog when he was a pup had stinky ears. Vet recommended epiotic, I’ve been using it since without any reoccurrence. He is now almost 10.

              i don’t do it often, only on an as needed base and I fill it up completely. Just a squirt, rub and that’s it. More frequent when there is stinkiness but I’ve never had to use for more than 3 consecutive days