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Mystery itches..

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  • Mystery itches..

    Hi, my staffy/lab cross has all the usual staffy allergies, no fleas tho',.. but every now and then during the day
    she will leap up and bite her back/legs/belly..furiously as tho' she has a terrible specific itch there.Cant see anything there ..
    Any ideas..?? She also seems to have red skin under her paws, she loves the water..maybe yeast, ??
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Welcome to the forum Bettylou,

    Unfortunately skin problems and allergies are common in many dogs and more so in certain breeds...a trip to the vet is the best advice.

    Have a look at this...
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      I agree with ‘Dogman' about taking her to the vet for a check-up.

      Her sudden leap up from a lying down position could also be pain related. So best to get her checked out.


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        Yes, as far as allergies go - Itchy pups are a PITA ! There can be numerous reasons for this.

        A good place to start is to look at what you are actually feeding her. If she is continually itchy – then her immune system is out of whack.

        Preservatives, food colouring and grain seem to cause the most problems with pups. Don’t forget to look at all the ‘sneaky snacks’ and treats your pup may also be getting.

        Some links for you:


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          she will leap up and bite her back/legs/belly..furiously as tho' she has a terrible specific itch there
          When my dog is out sun baking on the grass and she does this... it's usually little black ants. And they're mostly gone by the time I get there (biting and jumping gets rid of most of them).

          We even have a cue to warn her... "Ants" - she moves pretty quick when I say that.

          red skin under paws - not caused by water of itself. You'd need a vet to check what specifically is causing that. Could be yeast, grass, cuts, ants, wasps, licking, bacteria...


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            What Riley Said.

            My Truffle was a very itchy pup with very wiry and oily fur when we brought her home (Came from the AWL) but I immediately started swapping her onto a raw diet. She is now for the most part itch free and her fur ... what a difference! Silky smooth would be an exaggeration but no oily residue at all. She's also much more bright eye'd

            Truffle jumps up occasionally and starts scratching her hind quarters too but every time it's because she has chosen to sit with the ants and has been told in no uncertain terms that her bum is not welcome in the colony.

            What type of grass do you have? Also what type of lawnmower do you use? if she has particularly sensitive pads you might find it useful to use a cylinder mower rather than rotary as you get a much finer cut and in turn over time a much finer and softer lawn. (I'm kinda a lawnmower and lawn geek. You may not realise it but it could make a huge difference). You may also find you have lots of ants in your lawn that will bite her if she intrudes on their colony.

            Review of diet then vet would be my recommendation. If she is already on a quality balanced diet then vet first however.

            My 2 cents.


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              Try using simparica