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Whorls and cowlicks in coats

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  • Whorls and cowlicks in coats

    Hey everyone.

    I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrior pup that comes from great purebred lines. I would think he conforms to the breed standard in every other area , except - He has a hair whorl / cowlick in his coat, almost Ridge like, along his spine, not all the way.

    One day ( years off yet) I am planning on becoming a breeder. Would this change in his coat automatically get exclude him from being bred? I have asked my Vet, whom is fantastic, and he said he is a quality dog and would not let his "cowlick" stop him from being bred. I'm kind of ( with the information I have so far digested) more leaning to the veiw that maybe that he is not "perfect" that he should not be bred.

    Would this hair whorl pass on to offspring?

    And if any of you show, how serious of a fault is this seen as?

    I have not yet joined a club or anything like that, I have only just received papers recently.

    I would love to hear your opinions.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Naya, I'm no expert on breeding dogs nor do I breed them, but when I bought Sam our border collie from a breeder, they have pups for breeding and showing, much higher cost and pups that are not suitable that are sold as pets or agility and were a lot cheeper. She asked us not to breed from him and if we tempted to do so we were not allowed in any way to use his parents on any papers, she also advised why. The breeder you got the dog from should be able to tell you if he is suitable. Others more experienced with breeding dogs will be able to advise you.


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      I'd suggest you ask the breeder you got your pup from (or another breeder/shower you know of) about their thoughts on it. They would know for sure whether a cowlick would impact a dogs show career and whether it is an issue with breeding to conform with the standard or not


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        I would contact the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria as they would largely be responsible for the breed standards for SBT.

        They will be able to advise if your breeder does not help. Ridgebacks definitely pass on "the whorl" down their dog's backs genetically so it's possible. In which case the whorl might have been on one or both parent dogs. If you were really clear (got it in writing) with your dog's breeder - and your dog is not suitable for breeding - then theoretically you could return the puppy for a refund as you did not get what you paid for. But I know that can be really difficult to do - emotional attachment and all that. What you can't do is get a refund and keep the puppy.

        I'd try the phone numbers - their web page is a little out of date which is pretty common - they're better with dogs than websites.