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Beauceron Female for breeding

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  • Beauceron Female for breeding

    I have a Beauceron male with papers that I want to breed from but can't find a Beauceron bitch in Australia

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    I am assuming you live in Australia !

    Did you import your male ? What papers are you talking about ?

    The breed of dog – Beauceron – is not an ANKC registered breed – so it will be difficult for you to find breeders.

    This is all I could find for you. Maybe it will help you to get in contact with other owners of this breed – if the adverts are real !


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      The Beauceron is recognised by the AKC so I would imagine that all Kennel club registered dogs would be imported fro USA or Europe.

      However the kennel club register is not the only register, most working line dogs have their own well maintained registers dedicated to preserving the breeds natural working characteristics rather than based purely on a physical appearance so it depends what you are wanting.