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  • Wanted Kelpie x Labrador

    Hi guys.

    Im new to this forum and i am having trouble looking for a Black and Brown Kelpie x Labrador as i want to buy one for my partner for Christmas.

    If anyone knows of someone that is selling any or knows a site which is selling them pleaseeeeee help me lol.

    I am Constantly on Gumtree looking but havent been lucky yet.

    Would prefer the Sydney region but if i have to drive a couple of hours out of Sydney i dont mind also.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Have you looked on rescue sites or the working dog rescue sites?


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      Your best bet is

      Mind you, it's rare that the exact genetic make up of mixed breed dogs is known, so they often are just a guess.

      Also, wouldn't it be better if your partner could be involved in picking a dog if it's going to be their dog?


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        What Beloz said

        a new puppy is not a good surprise gift - it's best done together. With all related members of the household including the cat.

        Surprise puppies often end up in rescue.

        The kind of dog mix you are after is usually an accident. Nobody breeds those on purpose. They're not cute puppies and they are demanding as adults.

        I agree that "Australian Working dog Rescue" on facebook or - are your best chances of finding one.

        What about this one?

        Note - puppies - are very popular at Christmas time - so it may pay to make contact with a couple of rescues that are handy to where you live or can travel to - and have a chat about what you want and why (they're going to tell you off about a "gift" unless you get her involved). The puppy I got at the start of December (2008) - sheer fluke she was there - she was never advertised on the website.