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    Originally posted by ThistleTheDog View Post
    I would get the permission from the Hobart council before buying any dog, unless you're willing to not move to Hobart if they say no?
    You do need to take the restrictions seriously. No. They don't stop you from owning a dog. But they do dictate the rules you have to follow to KEEP the dog and for Tasmania, that requires you get permission to buy from the council first.
    Flouting these rules would just end up with a dead dog and a fine. Nobody wants that.
    Please - Do some homework here - You really don't know what you are talking about here ?

    LOL - The original OP knows all about the status of legislation regarding the breed that was mentioned in the original post - in Australia.

    All of my pups over the years - have always been registered with my local council.

    Are your 2 dogs registered with your local council ? If not - then maybe you can understand what the OP is really asking !


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      We are talking about apbt here so yes, OP needs to get specific approval from Hobart council to bring in any apbt before even registering the dog. It's right there in the link. Maybe read that rather than being ass?

      Can I buy a restricted breed dog?

      A person who wishes to acquire a restricted breed dog must apply to their council for approval to have ownership transferred to them.
      All dogs declared to be a restricted breed dog in another State will be recognised as a restricted breed dog in Tasmania and approval will be required before they can be imported.
      It'd suck to find the right breeder only to have the wrong council area. It's better OP jump through all the tassie hoops so their future apbt doesn't get taken away because they missed one.


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        I'm hoping he decides to get an ANKC papered Amstaff - and then he won't have most of those problems unless the dog does something bad - which hopefully he can prevent with good training.

        I can't tell from the tasmanian dog laws if bite work training is allowed or not. It's not legal for a dog to attack anyone unless it is defending private property or person. So that would make training bite work a bit hard.

        All guard dogs that protect commercial property - are to be declared to the local council and get automatically declared "dangerous"... and have those rules apply. Ie if one gets out and bites someone - all the fines are much bigger...


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          There is no BSL at all in the ACT as far as I know, Hyacinth. Since about 2 years, you're supposed to have a breeders licence if you have a litter of pups. There may be some breed specific policies built in to the requirements or assessments for that, I'm not sure. As usual, they don't have enough resources to enforce this legislation anyway.


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            Hey guy's just wanted to post an update (yea its been a while)

            So i was able to locate a purebred through a old buddy of mine and he sold me a pup with lineage

            I cannot express how happy i am with him, brilliant dog with an amazing temperament, I however have slackened on his training recently but that's going to change!

            Just thought id pop back to the forums and let you lot know!

            Thanks everyone for advice and your thoughts
            "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."