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    Hi guy's, I just want to say I'm new here on the forum and so far love what you guy's are doing.

    I'm looking to pick up a pup next year once I leave my current job and I'm going to get my dream dog which is an APBT - american pit bull terrier

    Now before you jump up and down and flame me understand this, I am highly passionate about dog's and love all of them to bits but none have captured my heart like these little mungrels have

    this resulted in wanting one for many years, and although there are severly misunderstood and mistreated dog's (especially in the media) the facts are this is an incredible breed and I long to have one

    I am certain there are people on here who know of reputable kennels and breeders, I've already found a couple of pages on FB that I have joined and I'll keep my eyes out there also.

    But If anyone can PM in regards to breeders or someone who can point me in the right direction it would be immensly appreciated.

    Thanks guy's ~
    "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."

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    Hi 'JustJohnny' and Welcome to the forum.

    No flaming from me - BUT -


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      Originally posted by RileyJ View Post
      Hi 'JustJohnny' and Welcome to the forum.

      No flaming from me - BUT -
      I feared as much
      "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."


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        Is it banned from importing or banned in general?
        I keep finding laws on restricted dogs and dangerous dog's but all of its to do with actually owning it..
        now my understanding is if you can own it.. you can buy it?

        Or am i just a total numpty
        "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."


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          Banned 'Totally' from importing and owning in Australia !

          You obviously haven't done your homework on the Legislation and Laws regarding restricted breeds in Australia !

          A link from the Brisbane City Council for you:

          Which includes this below - which I have copied for you ! I have highlighted the breed you have asked about.

          'Restricted dogs:

          The following breeds of dogs, including those that substantially meet the description of these breeds, are prohibited in Brisbane:

          • American pit-bull terrier
          • American pit-bull terrier types
          • dogo argentino
          • fila brasileiro
          • Japanese tosa
          • presa canario.'

          Hope this helps !


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            They are only banned from being imported?
            Ive spent the last 4 hours researching and looking up laws and legislation and it's giving me a head ache
            What I've come to understand is the dog breed is banned from being imported
            if it's here must be de sexed chipped and registered as a restricted dog with the correct housing, leash's etc..

            I will be in Hobart next year


            This is so frustrating! I just want to own this dog
            "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."


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              What state are you in? Before even buying a pit bull in Australia, you need to check your state rules to see if

              a) you can even OWN one in your state

              b) if you can own one, what RESTRICTIONS must you abide by eg. You may need certain fencing and signs on your house

              (Because it would be super sad if you get one, it's not allowed in your area, gets taken off you and is pts)

              c) are you ready for serious management because they are very strong and energetic dogs that are more predisposed to dog aggression. It is possible to own a DA dog! Just be prepared to have a dog that is not dog park material AND people will make unkind comments about. Going to have to not let it bother you and be a good owner relepresentive by training and managing your dog. Even in non BSL area people will judge you and your dog so you need to train to a higher standard than most.

              Restrictions are different to dangerous. Restrictions apply to breeds. Dangerous is a definition that applies to individual dogs that have proven themselves dangerous by biting/trained for security/behave in a threatening way


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                Can I ask what experience you have had with them - Have you lived elsewhere and had one? Or do you like the look of them? And what exactly you like so much about them?

                I know that sounds rude and judgemental I don't mean it to. I'm just curious. I actually didn't know they were banned - I've never had a need to know. Are you looking for a pure bred or a mix like and Amstaff? There may be other breeds that are easier to keep and obtain that could fill your needs. LOTS of amstaffs in shelters around the country. These dogs are the most abandoned species I believe.

                When I was a child we had a red setter then an english setter then a kelpie cross. When I moved out I got a Rottie X Shepherd. I always loved Shepherds. When he passed away I brought home a Staffy cross. I've never been "Attracted" to Staffies but it's the personality that has hooked me. Completely different to all the other dogs I've lived with but I wouldn't have it any other way. You might find the same. If you buy a dog based on it's looks and online descriptions you might be sorely disappointed.



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                  I think you can own and breed them in the Northern Territory.

                  I think you can own but not breed them in ACT.

                  And everywhere else - selling and breeding is illegal. And has been for quite a bit longer than most dog life times. And owning is "restricted" ie you have to have the same accommodations as for declared dangerous dogs. Muzzles, secure yard (can't dig or jump out of it ie dig proof floor and a dog proof ceiling).

                  Amstaff or American Staffordshire Terrier have the same ancestry as pitbulls and can be registered / owned without so many restrictions - as long as they are ANKC registered.

                  In the USA some dogs are AKC registered both as pitbulls and amstaff... that's how shared their history is.

                  And you want to do protection or IPO???

                  Personally - completely biased here - I prefer Cattle dogs. They have a reputation for letting the burglar in all smiles and wags - and then not letting him move / leave. And they can break beef shin bones. And they're not restricted. And some do IPO.


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                    Some years ago a friend of mine owned one and she was a great dog and very energetic and from reputable breeders before breeding restrictions. She was great with people and dogs that she knew and I dog sat her quite often. The laws then were that they had to wear a muzzle in public and have appropriate fencing etc. A friend of my friend also had a pit bull but didn't put any effort into training and the dog was euthanaised when it took a chunk out of the calf muscle of a person walking past their house. I think the challenges are there and you might be better looking at one of the legal bully breeds instead of dealing with all the restrictions.


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                      I just saw the bit about Hobart next year.

                      Sorry but they're completely restricyed in Tasmania. You need council approval just to buy one. Breeding is banned. I doubt you'd be able to get one in from the NT to tassie.



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                        Perhaps an Amstaff would be a better option for you. They have no restrictions, just need to make sure they come from an ANKC breeder with papers (which would be proof it is an amstaff, not a pit bull if authorities decided to check in). In victoria authorities used to be able to seize and euthanise any dog which fit their vague standard of what a pit bull looks like unless there was proof it wasn't a pit bull (Ankc papers or certificate from a vet). Not sure whether they can still seize and euth any dog like that or not.

                        Even an Amstaff needs loads of training and time put into it if you want it to be a stable dog. From my experience they are generally not great with other dogs... Just yesterday I saw one come into my work torn to shreds after it got in a fight with another amstaff!


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                          My main problem would be sourcing the dog, I have had limited exposure with pitbull's / amstaff's but from what I've had has been very pleasurable
                          dog proofing the property would not take me very long, probably a good weekend with a couple of mate's and training a dog is one of the best parts! how else are you ment to build a concrete bond with any animal if you dont spend time with it and treat it right.

                          I'm aware of "restricted" and "dangerous dog" and the requirments that follow with, honestly doesn't even sound like a great deal.
                          for me a restriction doesn't mean you cannot own the dog just means you have guide lines set out with it..

                          I guess for now I'll just keep doing research and visit a couple of kennels and get some more hands on exposure with the different breeds
                          "If you are not continually learning, you are already dying."


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                            You might find this interesting...

                            "Savvy is a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier / American Staffordshire Terrier (dual UKC / AKC registered). After a DNA test, he's told he's not what his AKC or UKC papers say he is...."

                            So you could get away with getting a ANKC papered Amstaff and say it's a pitbull...

                            Maybe the mouth dna was something to do with what he'd been sniffing and licking recently...

                            This page has the Amstaff breeders in Australia. Try to meet the breeders, and their dogs before choosing. Do not be sucked in by any crap about "rare blue"...

                            Make sure you get a dog with a black nose.


                            There's only one place listed for Tasmania and they're not planning on breeding any time soon, so maybe get dog before you get there or you will be coming back to the mainland for one. Unless you get a rescue staffordshire bull terrier cross (loads of those everywhere).



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                              I would get the permission from the Hobart council before buying any dog, unless you're willing to not move to Hobart if they say no?

                              You do need to take the restrictions seriously. No. They don't stop you from owning a dog. But they do dictate the rules you have to follow to KEEP the dog and for Tasmania, that requires you get permission to buy from the council first.

                              Flouting these rules would just end up with a dead dog and a fine. Nobody wants that.