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    Hi, I have been having difficulty finding/locating a Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder in NSW, and was wondering if anyone either had some information, like contact details/names/websites of breeders and how much these pups usually cost? Some say 1.5k and others say 2.5k, but 2.5k is a little pricey..

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm guessing you've had a look here?

    According to that list - none are planning or have puppies at the moment but that doesn't stop you from making contact with them and finding out more about the community of pembroke obsessed people. Some will also be able to help out with information about interstate breeders.

    1.5K is cheap. 2.5K is probably cost recovery for someone who is doing all the health tests. and both those prices are way under what some places are charging for designer dogs or "rare blue staffies" (staffies that are not rare and are prone to skin problems and do not meet the breed standard).

    If you want a cheap dog - the rescues usually have them around $500 - desexed and microchipped etc. Again a bit under cost recovery for them but there's a lot of volunteers involved. And they don't have to do any health testing...

    you could also try the welsh corgi club of NSW
    FB group
    Good luck in your quest.


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      Okay, thank you for your help!