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WANTED: JRT Rough coat.

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  • WANTED: JRT Rough coat.

    Hi guys.... After losing both our dogs last year to snake bite and what appeared to be a twisted stomach, we are looking at introducing a new, smaller dog to our family and have settled on either a Jack Russell (rough coat, male) or Border terrier. We had our last 2 dogs for nearly 10 years and with a 2 kids (2 & 4yo), we would like to have a dog we can share our house with. I'm located in the Albury/Wodonga area and would appreciate any help.

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    Hi Joe

    I have a cousin who has lost more than one JRT to snake bite, they will try to kill the snake and they don't always win.

    But if you still want one

    I might start here. Seems to be lots of JRT obsessed Victorians.

    I would try to find out when they're having social events or will be at shows and go meet some breeders there.

    You want to find out what genetic problems JRTs are prone to (apart from trying to kill snakes), and ask if breeders are testing to reduce the chances of those things.

    And I would look for a small scale breeder that has only a few breeding bitches (less than 10) and so is able give enough people time for the bitches and their puppies (socialisation).

    A place that has 300+ breeding dogs - is not going to be giving the puppies or their parents the best life - even if they have full time staff.

    In Victoria - all puppies must be at least 8 weeks old, microchipped, wormed and started (or finished) vaccinations (and not homeopathic vaccinations either) before they can be rehomed. If it is an ANKC breeder anywhere - they must do all that too.


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      Thanks for the reply. I should add that I have had a bit to do with dogs, breeders (the god, bad and ugly) and have myself organised past events for dogs (bulldogs on the border) but appreciate the info given. When I was looking for my last dog, I done a lot of research but to be honest, the dog breeding world was a little too much for me so all I'm looking for now is a healthy pet dog without all the drama that goes with dealing with other breeders :-)

      My wife and I are starting to lean towards a border terrier also, I love small, scruffy dogs and both the JRT and Border terrier seem like the right choice for our family.


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        I think the nature of being a dog breeder is to be a little bit crazy. I'd be looking for one that likes being in the club but maybe doesn't breed so much for showing (cos those can be counter productive to the health and purpose of the breed as they're focused on appearance).

        What you really want to avoid are the puppy mills that just breed in bulk any dog that has a good chance of being sold and they can be very sneaky about how they present their dogs. Ie you want to meet one or both parent dogs, and the puppies in their home environment. If you meet one or two puppies with no parent dog in sight and OMG it's the last of the litter and just needs a good home... RUN.

        You might want to investigate lure coursing and earth dogs as JRT and Border Terriers can be involved in those sports - also run by the dog obsessed (slightly crazy) but they're about more than "pretty dogs".

        Otherwise investigate rescue groups or ask the breed club if they have a rescue organisation - tho that usually gets you an older pedigree dog.