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Wanted: Balance gear

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  • Wanted: Balance gear


    I'm looking for secondhand/affordable things I can use to teach my dog body awareness and balance. Things like balance balls, balance bones, balance beams etc in all sorts of sizes

    Pick up preferred, I'm in melbourne but can travel within reason

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    I use an ordinary human's fitball - which can be had pretty cheap from the cheapy shops. Some of the other stuff can also be had cheap from the supplies for humans. Or I think about making stuff out of car inner tubes and plywood (wobble board). You can also make wobble boards from car springs and ply.

    The stuff for dogs ie fitpaws is horribly expensive for what it is.

    Hope you find what you're looking for.


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      and we made our own, see saws, boards with a half round piece underneath... we also have a ladder with flat rungs that we put flat on the ground and the dogs walk through the rungs with their feet or on when they get really confident. Also a kayak on water makes for great balance or small dogs boogie board or surf board
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        I use boogie board in water.
        ladder on floor, it can go on the rungs, between the rungs, or balance on side edges
        any fallen tree, is a climbing frame my dog needs to climb and go along
        piece of wood, led on floor so dog can balance on it when walks. Then add smaller edge piece of wood, or height.
        piece of wood propped up for an incline. dog goes up, turns around then down without falling
        An old Tyre up right on it side. Dog stood on top balancing with you helping when needed at beginning. Now start moving the Tyre, dog has to balance and walk on it.
        Yoga balls, cost $5, great balance balls.
        Skate board wobbles a fair bit too.
        Amazes me that folks pay so much, for things that exist in Op shops for next to nothing


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          The very latest balance gear involves dog standing on a tight rope made of seatbelt webbing.

          should be easy to make right?


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            A tight rope affair. Jeez!
            its gonna do IPO, not the circus, that's some awesome training though. Id like to see it.


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              There's this. Kelpie of course.


              And now you can buy them with seatbelt instead of rope. Tho not sure who makes them, not on the USA fitpaws list.

              It's mostly about teaching dog balance on wobbly surfaces

              Eg all this stuff...


              (and now I know what a peanut mountain is)


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                Sorry I forgot my password!!

                I am not sure we are so balanced yet as to stand on some webbing XD I am thinking will probably have to make my own stuff...didn't know that about the ladder! I happen to have one of those laying about... I like all these ideas! I certainly do not want to spend hundreds on a blow up fit bone XD

                So far we have some alright balancing on small objects and can climb logs and rocks okay, whatever is laying around my yard mostly hah!