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    In Adelaide, you have to pick up after your dog - and picking up warm dog poo on my morning walk before breakfast isn't on my list of wonderful things to do.
    I find that job easier than changing a brown nappy...

    I guess you guys aren't planning on kids any time soon or you think you won't have to change nappies?

    You can train a dog to poop in a designated spot before you go out, so you can pooper scoop that with some tools and reduce the chance of having to pooper scoop when you're out.

    And feeding raw meat and veg instead of dry dog food will also reduce the amount of crap.

    And if you ever do get a dog (or a baby), never feed it tinned dog/baby food.


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      Originally posted by maddogdodge View Post
      I wouldn't be getting a Standard Poodle if I wasn't a groomer. No way I would want to spend $80 to $100 every 6 weeks for grooming! Grooming isn't that hard to do though if you've got a pair of clippers. I started clipping dogs when I was about 10 years old... Just taught myself, granted they looked like crap, but hey, it worked out okay and the dogs were happy!
      I clipped my mothers retriever poodle mix. I just kept her short and she looked fine. Probably rough and ready compared to groomer but did the job. I also used to keep my very heavy coated showbred BC clipped in summer. The relief on her face was a picture. I did her with hairdressing scissors. Fortunately now all my dogs are short haired versions.


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        Originally posted by Beloz View Post
        Having a dog is a bit like having a child. No matter what they look like, they'll grow on you and you will think they are beautiful. I know what I'm talking about because my dog really is rather ugly. Haha!

        I have to agree with that. Just ask anyone here, we all have the most beautiful dog in the world


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          Originally posted by Biggles6541 View Post
          Well, when she was a girl, my wife's family had a BCx? from her uncle's farm near Whyalla. Apparently, they were lucky and got a beautiful house dog that lived for 18 yrs. So she has a fondness for BCs. She thought the BCxP would be a nice combination and she loved the look of them.

          I think it's back to the drawing board. It's compounded by the fact that we live in a townhouse and our back garden is about the size of your dinner table. In Adelaide, you have to pick up after your dog - and picking up warm dog poo on my morning walk before breakfast isn't on my list of wonderful things to do.

          If we get a larger home with a reasonably sized garden, then I shall reconsider the practicalities of dog owning.

          Again, thanks for your feedback.

          I thought you had to pick Poop up everywhere... we do in all places, except when we are really on a very way out there place.... you should travel with six huge dogs, you become very adept at picking up poop

          I do have one BC cross Golden she is awesome and ten now..... but out of a litter of six , she is the only one left. Most other owners had lots of trouble with this cross. I managed to rehome one for someone to a great home, but she had cancer... I am always very wary of crosses as you can ge the best out of hybrid vigour or the worst of both breeds
          sigpicPets are forever


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            I think I prefer picking poo up on walks to having to do poo patrol in the backyard.