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WANTED : TOY Maltise puppy or cross shitzu

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  • WANTED : TOY Maltise puppy or cross shitzu

    WANTED : TOY Maltise puppy or cross shitzu
    Im on the NSW south coast, looking for somewhere close so i can view the puppy, happy to wait also if it isn't ready as won't have a home for another 8 weeks, going to a beautiful big back yard and 2 girls, 7 and 4 and 1 year old little boy, will be mostly a house dog so want it tiny and small and preferably a girl, desexed, wormed, chipped, all vet checks and things, papers, please let me know if you know a breeder or are one, looking for white but open to colours for the right little puppy!!, I have been looking everywhere so hoping i can find what we are looking for here!! Thanks so much

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    desexed, wormed, chipped, all vet checks and things, papers
    You will only get all these things (eg papers) with an ANKC breeder and you may have to wait much longer than 8 weeks to get one of their precious puppies, because it takes much longer than 8 weeks to organise a litter, for the bitch to be pregnant and for the puppies to grow old enough to rehome.

    If you want a Maltese from an ANKC breeder or a Shih Tzu - remember that they are among the dog obsessed and their breed is their very favourite and they want the best for their puppies. It's fantastic that you have a great home for a puppy but you also need to do your research if you want one that will be people and dog friendly and be healthy into old age (for a dog). If you ask for a Maltise or Shitzu or a cross from an ANKC breeder it's likely they're not going to take you seriously at best and be angry with you because only puppy mills - (google Oscar's law) supply those.

    Not sure how either of these breeds would tolerate young children. They tend to let you know if they're unhappy with their treatment - with their teeth. So you would need to train both puppy and children to be respectful of each other.

    If you want a puppy with a gentler mouth - consider a spaniel - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel or a cocker spaniel might work. But all puppies need to learn not to bite - they do this best if they stay with their litter until they are at least 8 weeks old and get loads of people time. You won't get this from a puppy that is from a pet shop or a puppy mill.

    You also want to check (see the written documentation) that health checks have been done to make sure that the puppies parents do not match up on genetic diseases. Especially PRA - which leads to blindness.
    Disorders by Breed - Shih Tzu - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney
    Disorders by Breed - Maltese - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    You want to meet both parent dogs too - to make sure they are nice polite dogs how you want your puppy to be when it's grown up.

    Other breeds you might want to consider
    bichon frieze
    border terrier (not if you have a cat)

    Best way to meet some responsible breeders is to go to some dog shows and meet the breeders or find the dog club for the breed you like and meet some of the breeders and make friends.

    Desexing - there is a lot of argument about the right age to desex a puppy. Usually you want to take a puppy home at 8 to 12 weeks and most vets will not desex until the puppy is 6 months old especially a tiny puppy.

    The exception to this are the rescue organisations who desex the puppy as soon as they deem it suitable for rehoming (or keeping).

    eg this is a 5 month old puppy at Wyong - maltese something. Which might be perfect for you. And he'd be desexed before you get to take him home. You work with rescues the same way you work with breeders - you find out what they're like, make friends, meet up, let them look at your home, and help you find the right puppy - which they might not have today - but you want to be top of their thoughts - when they get one in.
    Gus - Small Male Maltese in NSW - PetRescue

    Some ANKC breeders are here for Maltese
    Maltese Breeders, Australia

    and for Shih Tzu. I suggest phoning up and asking about shows where you could meet up.
    Shih Tzu Breeders, Australia

    And remember most dog breeders and even the rescues - are dog obsessed and may not be the best when it comes to email and website pages. Polite phone calls usually work best. Leave a clear message with your number and why you're calling them - if they're using call screening. These are popular breeds and they get a lot of dodgy enquiries.

    Also beware of scammers. If you can't meet the puppy and at least the mother bitch - move along to the next choice. A very popular puppy mill front is a normal house in a town or city and "it's the last of the litter and the mother died" Run - RUN AWAY. Or worse - "you send us the money and you can have the puppy. I know we said it was in your town but it's been taken interstate, overseas, the owner is away on an oil rig etc etc. " - It's a scam.

    And always - check for independent information about the breeder. That's why shows are so great - there's lots of independent info there. The breeder's professional website (puppy farm front) is the worst place to find out info about the puppies. And if they say the puppies are "registered" ask if that means "ANKC" registered and do they follow a breeder code of ethics (for the health and well being of mother and puppies).


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      Here's another - actually two litter mates boy and girl
      Bohdi - Small Male Maltese x Shih Tzu Mix in NSW - PetRescue

      Litter mates are prone to fighting so you might not want to take both. And all these small breeds seem to need extra help with toilet training but that should be straight forward if you're home with the puppy most of the time.


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        Thankyou so much for all your help!!, i definatley want a purebred maltose and have to have a hyper allergenic dog for my children, 2 of which have asthma, we have been wanting one for a long time, i only put 8 weeks cause we can't have it before then but we are happy to wait however long it is to find the right puppy for us!!, we would like it from a puppy so we can train it with out children and family but i will have a look at the rescue dogs too, Thankyou Lauren


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          Hi Lauren

          I take it by low allergy and asthma - you mostly want a dog that doesn't shed lots of fur. So one with a woolly coat and needs clipping about once every 6 weeks (or it grows dreadlocks).

          This page has some info about how to choose for that. Tho it can be a dog's spit or skin that triggers the allergies so you might want to investigate that too. And some breeds that might be suitable at the bottom of the page.

          Pantone Poodles - Poodle Info - Whats in a Doodle?


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            Teacup Maltese | Toy & Miniature Maltese Puppies and Dogs

            Maltese are found in the Toys section:


            Other breeds of dogs in this section are:

            Group 1 (Toys) | Breed Standards | Australian National Kennel Council

            Also have a look at specific breed rescues. Good Luck !