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  • Pup wanted.

    We are looking to get a Want a German Shepard or a Labrador pup as our family dog.

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    If you have 10 to 15 years, a fenced yard and time to train and exercise a dog, the animal rescue shelters would be interested in talking with you. There are some gorgeous dogs surrendered. Some are pedigree and some are just good dogs.


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      welcome steven06

      Do you want an ANKC pedigree dog or is a dog without papers ok?

      If you want a pedigree dog - the best thing to do is to go to a dog show (what state are you in?) or a social event for the local breed club that you're interested in and meet some breeders.

      You need to make friends with them - they check you out, you check them out - you make sure you see documents that show good hip and elbow scores for the parent dogs of any litter - because both these breeds are prone to joint problems and anything your breeder can do to minimize the chances of expensive vet bills for you, the better.

      They will also want to know that you have a "forever home" ie you have a home to offer for the life time of the dog (15 year or so).

      If you don't mind a mixed breed then has lots of dogs in need of homes including some that look like german shepherds and some that look like Labradors.

      here's one.
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        There's a big difference in personality and needs between a German Shepard and a Labrador. I wouldn't recommend a German Shepard if you are a first time dog owner or lead a busy life. They are very high maintenance dogs. Their extraordinary intelligence results in them getting bored very easily, so they need work/entertainment pretty much all the time. And lots of training, especially because lots of people and dogs find them intimidating and they will not react kindly if you do not have your dog under total control at all times. They are hard work. Lovely dogs, but for experienced and very committed owners.

        Labradors are still promoted as the ideal family dog. And they definitely have some personality traits that can make them fit that profile. But they are pretty full on energetic as pups. You will need to make sure to do lots of training (especially recall if you intend to take them to off leash areas) and socialise them well. Which of course would be the case for any dog... But you need to be mentally prepared for a bundle of very bouncy, cheeky and "in your face" joy. Your will need to train the pup not to jump on people, to not knock kids over or steal their food (they will do anything for food) and approach other dogs calmly. They also take longer to mature than some other dogs. But a mature, well trained Lab is a real joy.

        I would only get either breed from a responsible breeder who does the appropriate genetic testing. Both breeds are very prone to genetic issues, like hip dysplasia. You really don't want to go there...


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          Don't know anything about Labs but I can tell you a few things about GSDs.

          1. GSDs are not a healthy breed and can have many expensive long term health issues.

          2. This breed requires a lot of training and is on going...starting from day one...they don't train themselves and are not easy to train as many people think.

          3. GSDs are not guard dogs or are they yard dogs...this breed loves to be in the house on the lounge or bed with you. If you don't let your dog in the house then don't get a GSD.

          4. GSDs shed for 365 days a if you don't like dog hair don't get a GSD.

          5. GSDs are loyal...loving and protective but can be very stubborn and strong willed...I think because of their very high intelligence and if you've never had a dog that's strong willed and stubborn your in for a shock.

          If you get a GSD...puppy or adult you should do some obedience training with the GSD club in your state where you will learn how to handle and raise him or her correctly.

          There are many GSDs on pet rescue that have not been treated very well...kept in the backyard with no training or love...then dumped in the pound when the dog becomes as the "owner" says uncontrollable. These dogs through no fault of their own are much harder to re-train and it takes much keep that in mind.
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