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REHOMING: Milo the 4 y.o Rough Collie x Malamute in MELBOURNE

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  • REHOMING: Milo the 4 y.o Rough Collie x Malamute in MELBOURNE

    It comes with a heavy heart that I need to reach outside of my network of family and friends to find a new home for my beloved Milo.

    Like all dogs, Milo is a very good boy (most times). Unfortunately, he had no say when his owner Ben was relocated for work to a country which would be very unfair on him (rabies, heat, no guarantee of safety). There is no one in my family or immediate reach of friends who can take on Milo in the relative short term (1-2 years) until I start fly in/fly out, so I'm now turning to the internet.

    I would love for Milo to be taken in by a loving family with a large outdoor space for him to run around with some other doggos. He is very good around children and is even patient when they pull his hair. He does have leash anxiety which I've tried stamping out, however is still there. Off the leash, he is a treat, playing with other dogs and (generally) listening to his owner.

    Desexed, vaccinated and historically very pampered. A warning to anyone considering taking Milo into their home is that he does have long hair which sheds. Being proactive with a brush goes a long way, but expect extra use of the vacuum cleaner.

    He is currently in Melbourne. His owner flies out mid-March, but will be staying with friends if a suitable home isn't found beforehand.

    Please get in touch if you think this would be a good fit. Obviously Milo is my world, and it there was any other avenue to explore which didn't separate us, this post would exist.

    In an effort to ward off the threat of dog-baiting, I'll be asking for an amount of money to cover Milo's last visit to the vet ($100-$300).

    Best contacted via:
    phone: 0424 699 945

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    good luck with this.
    please consider it is likely to be fairer to this 'anxious' dog, to be rehomed?