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2 year rehome for two poodle x shi tzu dogs

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  • 2 year rehome for two poodle x shi tzu dogs

    We are moving to London for 2 years, with a lot of travel involved. For this reason, we do not feel it would be fair to take our two poodle x shi Tzu dogs with us. We are wondering if members of the forum know of how we could find a temporary home for them, and we would be prepared to pay for food and vet bills whilst we're away, in exchange for having the dogs back when we return. Is this fair to the dogs or would we be better off admitting that we need to permanently rehome them?

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    I've got no idea about who might do this. I'd guess you could pay the RSPCA boarding to do this for you but I'm not sure it would be fair to leave two dogs in a boarding kennel situation for so long.

    I think your best bet would be to find a vet student or vet nurse student - something like that - who is from overseas so they can't take a pet home with them... but they'd need somewhere to put the dogs if they wanted to go home and see their family. And they'd need a home (rental) that is ok with them having dogs.

    I have a friend who lives interstate who I'd trust with this job - tho when I got back she might not want to give my dog back and my dog might want to stay with her...

    Some rescues have foster carers who might be able to help?

    But there's a lot of risk involved. I just boarded my dog with a professional boarding kennels and it didn't go too well - the vet bill to fix up the mess cost more than the boarding bill. Fortunately it was a short stay.

    I guess if it was me - I'd be taking the dogs with me. Coming back to Oz from UK is quite short quarantine (10 days?) if you have all the paper work and vet treatments (vax etc) done correctly.


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      'greyfieldmouse' - You are really asking questions here that only you 2 can answer.

      There is sad lack of information – for instance - How old are your dogs ?

      Travelling with your dogs between Australia and the UK is quite easy – as long as you get all the correct vaccinations for them and you are prepared to take them with you. It is a long flight – but many – I should millions of dogs have done this trip.

      Bringing them back from the UK to Australia is also easy. Do some homework:

      Expecting someone to look after your 2 dogs for 2 years and only reimbursing them for food and medical costs - I think is a tad cheap and I wouldn’t expect anyone volunteering for that job - especially if you would like them back after your 2 years away. It is a hell of a lot of responsibility that you are expecting for not much gain on their part.

      Depending on how old you 2 are – 2 years could be extended out ?

      So the ball really is in your court as to what you will do.

      Have a look at this link if you need help re-homing your dogs:

      Good Luck !