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German Shepherd Female - needs a temporary home

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  • German Shepherd Female - needs a temporary home

    Hi all,

    First time poster, long time reader of the forum!

    I am after a minder / temporary home in Australia until later November 2014 for my 18 month old female German Shepherd named Fox.

    My partner and I have been sent to the UK for work until the end of November of this year

    Fox until recently was being looked after friends who have their own male 4 year old German Shepherd owners and friends, but they have unexpectedly pregnant and are having some health problems won't so aren't able to look after Fox anymore.

    So I am looking for a new temporary home for Fox (she is currently at Dogwood in NSW Dogwoods Country Kennels: Dog Boarding with a Difference!), preferably within NSW or Victoria and we can get her to where ever she needs to go.

    A little about Fox below and pictures attached:

    - perfect health, vaccinated etc etc
    - child, cat and dog friendly
    - has had basic obedience training and other than being energetic is very well behaved
    - she's an outdoor dog but is happy to be inside also

    I will also cover all costs of minding her i.e. food, vet, chews (anything she might chew in your backyard)

    So if anybody knows of anybody or is looking to trial a pet before ever getting one, or simply looking for a friend for their pet please let me know!

    Fox11111111.jpgSHOT03_011.jpgFox 7.jpgFox 8.jpgFox 8.jpg

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    Hi Alohatoo

    It's a pity none of your friends or family will take on this job.

    Have you tried your dog's breeder or the german shepherd clubs in your state(s).
    German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc.

    Note any links including photos that you make to other websites will not show up until a moderator approves them or you make ten plain posts.

    Hope you find what you need.


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      Hi Hyacinth,

      Yes we've done the rounds across family, friends, GSD societies and even the news paper.

      We'll keep pressing on


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        Have you tried k9pro Steve Courtney - he's more into Malinois these days, but he used to do dog boarding and he might have some good recommendations.
        K9PRO | THE K9 Professionals

        There's a nice place up near Wyong called Janarlee - I haven't used but others have recommended. it's a little bit close to the freeway for my dog to be happy but if yours doesn't mind traffic noise she might be ok.

        Janarlee Lodge Dog Boarding and Training Facility - The premier pet resort on the New South Wales Central Coast

        and there's this one on the hawksbury somewhere - I've also seen recommended.
        In My Home Dog Minding, Dog Minding, Dog Boarding, Sydney

        Calabash Kennels - this one is usually full on long weekends but they might take a long termer.
        Dog Boarding Sydney, Cat Boarding Sydney, NSW - Dog Kennels and Cattery :: pet accommodation for your Cat and Dog

        Or she might have to stay where she is.

        PS - are you 100% sure you're coming back in November - no chance of stay being extended? Love the place? It might be more practical to take your dog with you.


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          Thanks for the recommendations!

          We're not fussed about if we stay or go, all depends on my job or the right job. Though if i'm honest I find London to be very suburban, not really my cup of tea....but that might change, and if it does we'll bring her over ASAP.


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            I found London to be cold, wet, dark, smelly, crowded, noisy and filthy. Not suburban enough (places with gardens) if you ask me.

            But it's also lucrative, cultured (lots of things to do socially), and great for people who like being round lots of people.

            Outside of the city - the English dog training - especially agility and dances with dogs - is very active and exciting too. But I think I'd want to be an hour or so on the train out of town and into the countryside - and you'd still have the weather problem.