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bullmastiff x wolfhound and staffy x looking for caring families

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  • bullmastiff x wolfhound and staffy x looking for caring families

    Due to a change in my circumstances i have to find a new caring family / families for my 2 dogs:

    Boof: 6yo bullmastif x wolfhound male desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Boof is a very active dog, he likes going for long walks and runs, he is awesome with people but doesn't like other dogs much;
    Bimba: 6yo staffy x female desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Bimba is more of the chilled out type, she is a bit shy but loves people and doesn't mind other dogs, she likes going to the beach.

    While it would be great for them to stay together, i understand that it is hard to find someone that can take care of 2 big dogs who have such different personalities, and they are quite independent from each other so they will be fine to be separated as long as they go to caring families who can give them the attention they need.

    Adoption fee will be $60 each which will be donated to the AWL, a receipt of the donation can be provided (i'm not trying to make money, just trying to make sure that they go to someone who can take care of them)

    plese reply to thread for photos and more info

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    I'm glad you're trying to do the right thing by your dogs. I can't imagine needing to do that for mine.

    I think it might help if you post what state you're in or your nearest capital city for the rest of us.

    And consider putting up a poster at your vet too. Sometimes people at the vet are looking for a new family member for various reasons and hopefully they're caring people or they wouldn't be bothering with the vet.

    Pet rescue has a page dedicated to all the steps you can take to give your dogs the best chance of finding a loving new home.
    Help! I need to rehome my pet - PetRescue


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      thanks, location is Gold Coast


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        I'm sure when I read the OP the first time it said the location was the Gold Coast ... either i've had more beers than I think or someone edited the OP


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          these are their pics


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            lol, i posted in another thread as well, u must have seen that post... i forgot to write gold coast on this one


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              There were two posts in two different threads, and I deleted the other one. Didn't mean to remove any relevant info. Sorry about that.


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                Don't worry, i just wasn't sure where to post it