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Looking for temp. home for 2 months in Brisbane for Maltese/shih tzu

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  • Looking for temp. home for 2 months in Brisbane for Maltese/shih tzu


    My wife and I are going abroad next year for 2 months, last week of May 2014 until the first week of August, and we're searching for someone willing to look after our lovely 2 year old shih tzu maltese over this time. We of course would provide food, tablets, flea treatment, and cash to cover any other expenses and for your help.
    Please let us know if you think you may be able to help.

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    anyone who takes this lovely offer up...

    Please make sure you have a contract in writing that specifies which vet, and who is paying, and what they want to happen should a disaster occur (do you want to be notified immediately even if there is nothing you can do?).

    Also for one of these - is clipping required - is that booked in and who pays?

    And you want to sight a vaccination certificate from the vet - especially if you have dogs of your own.

    When I went overseas for a month or so - I initially had my dog staying at friends places - they volunteered but there had been no trial run.

    So I organised a contingency plan with a boarding kennel that was highly recommended by other friends in my dog club, I took my dog out there ahead of time to meet them and check out the facilities and sight the vet certificate and do the paper work "just in case". I wasn't going at peak time so I didn't need to book or pay a deposit and we needed the contingency - that's where she ended up. Had a lovely time there and didn't drive everybody nuts.

    Personally if I was you - I would organise my dog to stay with a professionally run boarding kennel. I think one of the members in here runs one just north of Brisbane. Otherwise - I'd make sure my dog had a trial run with my friends - over the weekend or something - just to make sure she doesn't end up driving them nuts (she's a most excellent people trainer - especially people who cave in to pressure easily).

    I will post the website link if you ask. Or if Nev notices, Nev can post it.


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      Thanks for the reply,
      If we ever go away for a week or so there is a great family who always look after her, but unfortunately they won't be available. If anyone is willing we would love to meet up, perhaps leaving her with you for an afternoon, then maybe a couple of nights, until everyone feels comfortable. No problem writing up a contract etc.


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        ...and yes please pass on the link, thankyou


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          I have my 2 dogs booked in at Nev's kennels (from this forum) for when we go away for a month in March-April next year. Very decent pricing and great facilities. Border River Pet Resort

          We were thinking about having someone pet sit for us but I thought I'd worry too much about the dogs getting sick or escaping from a yard or barking/being naughty etc so the peace of mind for a boarding kennel is worth the money - at least you know they are with experienced people in a safe, secure environment where they will definitely be getting exercised and fed


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            Nev Allen runs

            Border River Pet Resort
            Border River Pet Resort

            details on the website.

            Always have a back up plan. BTW - I can't help you out personally - because I spend most of my time in Adelaide, SA but we have QLD members here too.


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              I would definitely go a boarding kennel, it means you won't have to worry! It may be a bit expensive but it is your pet, so worth it. My two always have a ball at the kennel too and the staff love them at the one we use.

              I have seen pictures of Nev's too and if it wasn't so far away from me I would use his in a heartbeat.

              There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.