Selling dogs rule

I am unable to change the blurb under the forum which states, that you can only advertise dogs for sale from registered breeders.
As we have a bias for ethical breeding, and discourage people from cross breeding and back yard breeding, we will only be accepting threads which are advertising registered puppies, rescue puppies, and cross breed puppies.

I am sorry for any previous confusion.
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Dogs at your wedding? Howl Yeah! Brisbane Grooming etc

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  • Dogs at your wedding? Howl Yeah! Brisbane Grooming etc

    We all know that our pets are part of our family, so why not have you fur-baby at your wedding day.

    We have upgraded our services to offer packages especially tailored to chaperone your doggo (or other fur baby) on the day of your wedding.

    Howl Yeah can collect your pooch, groom them to perfection, ensure they are photo ready for your wedding photos & even arrange honeymoon holiday accommodation for them while you are away on yours.

    We know how much you love your dog, because we love dogs too. To tailor a package that is right for you, contact us for a quote.
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    Love an update to see how many people want this service...

    There was a wedding at my fave dog walking beach (Adelaide) this morning. But the dog stayed home (about 100m away in beach front home). He would not have been at all well behaved around the other dogs at the beach whose owners tend to let them get in other dogs faces and other peoples stuff...

    And pretty sure my dog would not be thrilled about your service either tho I have been known to drop her off at doggy day care from time to time or boarding. I just would not wish a dog that is so one person focussed on strangers. But if you were our regular dog wash and claw clip - then I'd consider it.

    I will add "Brisbane" to your subject header - and I am pleased that you have posted in the products for sale bit of the forum. Thank you.