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  • Anyone used or similar?

    One of my dogs is on expensive, ongoing medication for her joints and so far I have bought it from my vet, but I just saw an advert on Facebook for online vet pharmacy (yes, Australian based) and wondering if anyone has any experience buying pet medicines online?

    the one I saw the FB post for was

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    I would never use these still need a prescription from your vet by I don't see the point.
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      I have a friend who gets her vet friend (who has examined the dogs) to write scripts and then get them filled online.

      I don't know which site but I don't think it's that one.

      Vet medicine from a vet can have quite a mark up. But you also want to know you're not being scammed. It's still possible to be scammed with a site but at least you can complain to the australian authorities and they can get sites taken down.

      Sometimes you can get the medicine you need for your dog over the counter from the pharmacy but it also pays to start with a vet script so you get the right medicine in the right dose. The wrong one - can kill your dog. Even simple stuff like certain artificial sweeteners can do your dog harm so it's very important to get it right.


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        thanks for the advise. I've spoken to my vet and he'll give me a prescription, and I also spoke to the website ( and they told me that a registered pharmacist is involved so I'm going to give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on.


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          I got a prescription from my vet (he charged me $10) and placed the order with Pet Scripts and it arrived this morning. All seems in order and as my vet gave me repeats I will save about $150 so worth it.


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            I will save about $150 so worth it.
            Definitely worth it.