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Kong Toys any good?

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    Hey guys, deffinately agree!! I can't give my girl anything but kong toys/ other similar brands, nothing else lasts more than 10 minutes. She can destroy a dinosaur bone in all of half an hour so what chance does a cheaply made toy have. When I first got her we went out and brought about $60 worth of random toys from big w, within a week they were all destroyed and I was forever running outside removing squeakers from inside toys out of her mouth


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      She can destroy a dinosaur bone in all of half an hour
      That's impressive. Mine can destroy one but it does take a while.

      There's nothing you can buy in big W (or any supermarket) that will last longer than 30 seconds with a destructive dog.

      Well the rope bones sometimes last a couple of minutes.

      So you'd be getting the black kongs then? because mine did a demolition job on a red one - had to put that in the bin too...


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        I have found the kong safe stix quite good


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          so far i have had success with the black kong, not even a puncture mark on it.
          the camo wubbas, from what i hear they are stronger than the average wubba.
          jolly balls, horse owners use them so that should slow down destruction from a dog.
          i also have a squeaker bear that is still going strong, my mates dog destroyed hers so i am leaning towards the fact that she really likes it and isn't trying to kill it.
          i guess time will tell the strength of the toys, but I'm happy with them although i don't have to pay full price.


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            Oh yes, both treat balls inevitably (and usually quite soon) end up under her dog bed or behind/under the BBQ. Then I'm just left with a dog wandering around the yard sniffing the ground for missed treats and looking very forlorn.

            I usually collect most of the toys (leaving her one or two) every evening, but the treat balls are there during work time so get a bit of sun - but only on the very rare occasion they're not under the bed or BBQ! Hopefully that will extend their life a little.

            I used to have a doberman that demolished everything. The result was no toys or chews for her. She just got bones, but they didn't last either. She ate a red kong in a couple of hours. We never tried a black kong though, I don't think they were invented yet (this was back in the 90s).

            It's funny, my girl now has a couple of toys she loves, but all other toys face the death shake and de-stuffing within minutes. One of the cherished toys is an op-shopped kids toy (this one has suffered no damage), and one is a dog toy with a squeaker. It has bits of rope and furry or fluffy fabric on it, so it has received a few death shakes and front teeth shreds, but seems to be holding up ok!


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              I think the key with kongs is make it a once a week thing and then take it away when they are done. Dont throw it out and expect your dogs to be excited until they are not.

              I fill mine with anything, even they will be content with their regular kibbles. I usually close it with something yummy or something they don’t get often like peanut butter.


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                Just make sure its the right size and strength for your dog, I have a Kelpi and heeler, was watching tv the kelpe was chewing on the cong when I heard her cough, I looked up and she chewed the end off and in her mouth..Didn't think it was possible, but she did it, they weren't 12 months old then...As any toy don't leave them alone with them. They love them, but I got a larger and heavier one.


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                  I use mine occasionally and they love it. Don’t put it out and think they will play with it, take it away so when you bring it out it’s like a new toy. Make sure you put something yum in it. I seal mine with peanut butter