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    A family friend could no longer keep her young whippet Bindi who has always gotten along well with all my other dogs so of course she was welcome to stay. I've had experience with rotties, cattle dogs, collies, foxies and every cross inbetween but never had anything to do with sighthounds. I was just wondering if anyone had any handy whippet info to offer.

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    Hi Gem,
    MAC is into sighthounds. Nattylou knows a lot of sighthounds but she has not been around lately
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      MAC breeds whippets and what she doesn't know about them can be written on a postage stamp.

      Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.


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        Hi Gem, I have four whippets and a litter on the way. So as you can see I'm addicted.

        Whippets are a wonderful addition to any family and slot into just about any lifestyle.

        Look forward to seeing pics of your new addition.


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          Thanks for that guys. When I figure out what's wrong with my camera I'll be sure to post heaps of pics.