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Breed compatibility for Shar Pei

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  • Breed compatibility for Shar Pei

    Hey everyone!

    I have a beautiful male Shar Pei - zeus - who is very gentle and calm, not aggressive at all. I want to get him a little sister, but was looking for recommendations for breed types they go well with?


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    Hi Ahlisha

    the only other dogs I've seen Shar pei get along well with - is other Shar Pei

    Most other dogs - including mine (Cattle dog mix) they just ignore like they aren't even there. Even the little ones that yap at them.

    They do like being on their own as best I can tell.

    I have a friend Heather who used to specialise in Shar Pei rescue (since the Roly dog toilet paper ads) - she is in Adelaide area but she should be able to recommend someone in Victoria.

    I would send her a sms - and say you are looking for a dog to go with your Shar Pei in Victoria (or which ever state you are in) and can she recommend someone to contact for you.


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      I too have only seen Shar Peis living with other Shar peis... I will admit I'm not fond of them, the only ones I've met have not been very nice


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        How is Zeus with other dogs? Does he have any friends or buddies he seems to enjoy or be overly tolerant with? That would be your best bet for narrowing down a future companion. e.g. my bull arab cross, she has a clear friend preference/lenience for other bull arabs, labradors, medium gun dog types and spaniels. so that narrowed down options for me substantially


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          A Greyhound that has gone through the greyhound rescue programme might be a possibility.......I have a few friends now with greyhounds, they are amazing chill dogs and so friendly with other dogs. I might get one, when I give up water training.
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