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You Won't Beleive This, but Humour Me

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  • You Won't Beleive This, but Humour Me

    Ever seen the original Omen series? One time I had finished watching The Omen trillogy on dvd, and decided to go and buy the Satanic Bible. When I recived the phone call to pick the book up, I decided I'd walk home. After comming into the main street in my town, I felt a bit wierd. The more I kept walking, the stonger this feeling got. Eventually I thought screw this, I'm going to sit down for a bit. I kept my head down and changed the song on my ipod, when I looked up, there was a Rottweiler across the road that made eye-contact with me and lent it's head to one side.
    Considering The Omen trillogy and all that, I was thinking to myself "okay, getting out of here now" but every time I looked back this Rottie was following me, followed me pretty much all the way home.

    That was one of my wierdest paranormal experiences ever, but it could just be a coincidence too. I threw the Satanic Bible out the next morning just in case haha

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    Hahaha you have to get into the spirit of these things, you know, work different perceptions and all that, if you had have gone further into it who knows what might have happened?.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.


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      Interesting experience! I saw the original Omen when it was released in the 70s! For a long time Rotties and Dobermans scared me half to death!


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        In the UK when the Harry Potter movies came out there was a huge upsurge of kids wanting owls and stupid parents buying them for them. A sanctuary has now been established for all the surrenders that have happened as reality sets in and they realise having a pet like in the movies requires commitment and proper care. The yes I will look after it, truely I will wore off as reality set in.

        Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.


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          Originally posted by Cleasanta
          Is this the real reason why you want a Rottweiler?
          No. This event happened like 4 years ago. Would I have waited until now to get a Rottweiler pup, had this been the "real reason"?


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            Major thread revival but this forum seems quite.....quiet so why not I thought!

            My elderly neighbours were very wary of our beautiful Pepper (Pepperoni or PepperRotti haha)

            When she saw us walking one day her and her hubby crossed the street. I also had to cross the street and we ended up on the same side and had an awkward moment.

            Them: 'Oh you have a devil dog, we crossed the street to avoid you!'
            Me: A devil dog what is that?
            Them: You know, from The Omen movie
            Me: Pepper is a chocolate/black labrador ahaha (not really)

            They really didn't seem to like her however we recently moved and we caught up with them:
            Them: 'Oh how is Pepper, we miss her SO much'
            Me: Oh really I thought you would be glad to see us go with our devil dog!
            Them: Oh no we really do miss her, she would bark when any visitors would arrive and since we couldn't hear the doorbell, Pepper was our new 'visitor bell'
            Me: Well that's great to hear, I'm sure Pepper misses you too!

            Devil dog....still makes me laugh knowing how great she is around our five kids!