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Looking to add a PUG to our family

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  • Looking to add a PUG to our family

    Hi Everyone - am new to this page,

    I am looking to add a pug to our family. Have done some research and I think a pug will be a great addition. I have 4 very energetic children waiting to give a fur baby lots and lots of love. Just wondering how I go about finding a reputable breeder?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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    Hi Lisa_mo4

    I think the best way to find a good breeder of anything is to find out if they have a sort of breed club and social events and try to get to some of those so you can meet the breeders and their dogs and see which ones you like and they can see what you're like and decide you are a good potential home for a puppy.

    There is a pug club of Victoria (if you're in Victoria - otherwise google pug breeders club and your state). They don't seem to have much of a web presense - they do have a facebook page but it doesn't include much in the way of their social events... There is a breed show coming up in July which would also be a great place to meet some breeders and their dogs. It's not always important to select a champion breeder but one that is enthusiastic about their dogs and the dogs are friendly and healthy - that's what you're looking for.

    The FB page says to email to get a list of breeders in vic or you can try this page...
    Pug Breeders, Australia

    Just remember sometimes the best breeders are crap with computers and phoning them might be your best option. Also if they do have a wonderful web page - make sure you check other sources for opinions about the quality of their dogs and "after sales service" eg if for some reason you can't keep your puppy - will they help you find a new home for it? (good)

    This is the RSPCA list.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    I'd also be looking to see that the pugs live with the owner inside - because they're bred to be lap dogs and being left outside in sheds or barns with no human company is not how Pugs should be living. Also bear in mind that there is a quantity of dogs and puppies - that if a breeder goes over that number - it's not a specific number - but can you imagine if they'd still be able to give enough time to each puppy and bitch on site on a daily basis - if for instance they had 30 or so breeding bitches and out of that - maybe 10 had litters right now? They'd need staff and there's no way that many dogs would be in the house with them.

    Hope that makes sense. Also pugs should have a bit of a waist. They should not be the same shape as a beer keg or an egg.

    Good luck with your quest. Pugs are gorgeous and enthusiastic little dogs.


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      Thank you so much for your response Hyacinth. Very helpful. Much appreciated .....