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Poodle puppy questions?

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  • Poodle puppy questions?

    Hi all,
    I just have a few questions about poodle training. I have a beautiful little girl, she is 15 weeks so still a baby and has just had her last parvo shot so nearly ready to safely go outside.

    My main questions are has anyone else had problems with toilet training? Some days/weeks she is brilliant and only wees on her puppy pad but today for example has weed everywher? She has never been good at pooing in one spot.

    I did make the mistake of letting her have free roam when I brought her home.

    Also when I do discipline she then listens less when called so I have given that up. I usually just clap my hands when catching her weeing where she shouldnt. I have tried training her to come with treats but she doesn't seem too bothered sometimes.

    Any suggestions?

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    yes. make sure she only gets to wee where you want her to and reward that.

    Discipline doesn't work with toilet training. Yelling at a puppy for peeing in the wrong spot is your mistake for not noticing when the nose went down to find a good pee spot or making sure she was outside or on the mat often enough so you can reward good choices. Clapping your hands is also punishment - what is most likely to happen is your puppy will hide when she pees because she will soon learn you don't interrupt what you don't see happening.

    you might want to have a read of this for more help.

    If she had been really good with toileting where she was meant to - and then suddenly isn't then a few things to look at....
    1. have you changed something (eg moved where her pen is) or
    2. not changed something ie is the pee pad already sopping wet and then the whole area now smells like bleach or other badness... (clean up with paper towel, bicarb soda and vinegar not bleach).
    3. has your puppy got a urinary tract infection (UTI)? ie a vet visit might be in order
    4. have you become a little bit slack and let your puppy run around unsupervised and not taken her out often enough...