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    This is Wanda. My mom got her as a rescue dog (in the States). We though GSD and... ? Then an Australian man stopped us on the street and exclaimed, "You've got a Kelpie puppy!"

    "A what?!"

    "You've got a Kelpie puppy. No doubt. You've got your hands full."

    So we looked up Kelpies. And it really seems like a fit.

    A week later my mom tells me that there are several Kelpie farms near where she rescued Wanda (through a humane society).

    I know we can't know for certain, but was hoping for some responses. What do you think?

    She's 6-7 months old and weighs about 37lbs.


    These photos are better - Wanda at (4) months.

    She learns very quickly. People are routinely amazed that she follows commands: sit, stay, down, shake, roll over, wait and she comes when called. We were able to house train her almost immediately with virtually no accidents. She bonded with me and follows me everywhere. I work from home, so we spend a lot of time together. She's only a terror on the leash, we're working on it. She was shy at first, but is now more outgoing with other people and dogs. And, weirdly, she LOVES swimming. She's a good girl so she won't chase the cat if I give her commands, but it takes every ounce of restraint. She loves running more than any other game.

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    Congratulations on your new pup ! She looks gorgeous !

    She does look she is a kelpie. Have fun with her - because they are very smart pups.
    I just love Kikopup and I am sure you and your family will find heaps of worthwhile information and heaps of great ideas to teach your pup. They are like sponges when they are young - LOL - learning both good and bad things ! Do a search on 'loose leash'.


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      you might also enjoy the training info offered here.

      In the current series - video 2 had a nice demonstation of how to train a "hot zone" eg go to a bed. You can also make next to your leg a "hot zone" or "reinforcement zone" (aka RZ)... and that helps with loose lead walking

      With a kelpie - you have to do something every day to engage their brains. So look for trick lists for "shaping" - and do five minutes of that maybe twice a day. As well as the exercise time.

      Free Dog Training Workshop Facebook Page

      its yer choice (IYC) for Tim Ferris - the long version of how you do IYC with the red cattle dog mix.

      Podcast on dog training with Susan Garrett and Tim Ferris

      Susan Garrett Q and A for IYC


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        Thanks to you both - very helpful!

        And I will definitely look into the reinforcement zone. Heel and loose leash have both proven to be the most difficult.

        We've taken her to a remote beach and allowed her to be off leash and she obeys commands at a distance and never strays from in front or behind of us (she'll go pretty far in both directions, but even so we managed to teach her "drop it" which is a challenge when there's a delicious stinky fish to be eaten) and she will also do this in large fields with me - taking commands from a distance - but once we're back in the city on the leash it's a headache. When I walk alone with her, she will almost always walk loose leash, but when there's someone else there, she pulls.

        We've been working with loose leash (my husband has been resistant and let's her pull, so now I need to train them both.

        We're very pleased with her. She seems like the quickest-learning dog I've ever had.


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          Susan Garrett is SO AMAZING - Have already started training with some of her techniques - Brilliant! Thank you!