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Do I have a Kelpie? Or is it a mix of something else?

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  • Do I have a Kelpie? Or is it a mix of something else?

    Hello! I have an adorable puppy named Luna. I'm trying to figure out what breed she is, or mix of breeds. We got her from a shelter about a month ago, and they thought she was a "shepherd/lab mix" but I don't think this is true because of her size being so tiny. At 12 weeks old, she weighed 8lbs. She's 14 weeks old now, and I don't think she's gained much weight since then.

    Her curl tails (just like another poster I saw on her) and she's very energetic, and will not usually leave our side. She loves attention. Does anyone have any ideas as to what she could be? Her legs have been getting longer, but she's just so tiny, I don't see her being a shepherd/lab mix.

    Pictures below.

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    Certainly looks very kelpie ish. It's so hard to know when they're puppies though. It's much easier to guess breeds on adult dogs.

    Her temperament as she grows up would give you more clues. My Kelpie is from working lines and is very independant, focused, too smart for her own good and her herding instincts are through the roof. She'll herd anything that moves (even basket balls).

    One thing she definitely hasn't ever had is a curled tail.

    Whatever your pup is, she's absolutely gorgeous!


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      Could be a min pin or english/manchester terrier mix - or even chi mix... like chi x fox terrier (smooth coat). So many possibilites. Kelpies are medium sized dogs - some are even taller than your average lab and that puppy looks tiny. My cattle dog mix was 5kg (10lb ish) at 10 weeks and she is about the same size as a medium kelpie now.

      The feet are usually a clue - the feet in the second pic also look small.


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        Pups weight is low but I think that is passable... Some kelpies are tiny, mine is one of them! Dodge was tiny when we got her at 8 weeks. She was the runt and was about the same size as this pup. Dodge never got huge, a healthy adult weight for her is 15kg.

        This is the best photo I have of her with a person to give an idea of her size.

        Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.21.45 PM.jpg


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          Can anybody tell me if my dog is a Kelpie as well? He is just over 2 years old, male.