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Is my puppy a kelpie?

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    He can definetly be a mix of either smooth collie or kelpie. I have never heard of smooth collies before so there is probably alot of breeds with similar coloring and markings. I just thought kelpie because they are usually associated with austrailan cattle dogs and he was found with a bunch of them.


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      Yes I think he might have some german shepard in him as well


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        He is probably likely to be a mix of the more common working dogs in your area. Were the cattle dogs working dogs from a farm or just roaming? Yeah I could see German shepherd possibly there


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          Not sure about the cattle dogs prior situation. They were all at a rescue shelter. Plus some of the cattle dogs has his coloring on their face. He is definitely a mutt, at least 4 things in there is pretty sure Shepard is there but i think kelpie too. Also there actually are kelpies and cattle dogs here they are becoming more common here in recent years.


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            This is an image search for Australian Kelpies...

            black and tan with bit of white is a fairly common colouring. At the moment the most popular colour would be the solid red = cos of Red Dog the movie...


            does he like chasing things - bikes, joggers, cars, sheep, ducks... Does he like rounding stuff up? Does he stalk stuff (birds in the back yard?).

            If he is mostly farm dog mix (eg kelpie and/or australian cattle dog and or German Shepherd and or collie and or border collie) - Note Australian cattle dogs have kelpies, and border collies and scottish collies and dalmations and sometimes bull terrier in their ancestry... Kelpies and ACD sometimes have some dingo...

            If he's mostly farm dog - he will likely be super super bright. And he might use that for evil if you don't work very hard to train him some new trick every day or at least every week. Ie wear his brain out. You can take him for long walks but if you don't train his mind - you will just get super fit destructo dog.

            Kelpies here are super popular with agility people and with people who like to do herding competitions so you might want to see if there are any clubs near you.

            Also Susan Garrett has put up 4 free videos (you have to join the free agility facebook page) that will show you some of the stuff you can train.



            and look up kikopup on youtube.

            Remember - if you're not training him, he's training you.


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              Not sure about the chasing I always keep him on leash when I take him out because we areat the city. Here are some traits he does do:
              stand on hind legs (for a while)
              Dashes around the perimeter of the room in circles
              Tries to chase after grasshoppers and butterflys (he caught a grasshopper once)
              Bites ankles at play time
              He is a very fast learner and is at the top of his class. However he is shy around puppies (might be a shelter thing)
              I feel like these traits might be normal dog behavior but idk


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                Sounds fairly normal although the ankle nipping could indicate some heeler/herding blood!


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                  Heelers like to bite ankles and stalk from behind. Border collies like to cut you off in front. Kelpies do whatever works...

                  I'd be a bit careful of letting him do anything that you don't want to see long term - like dashing around the room in circles - that could lead to wear pattern in the floor for starters, and in the back yard - quite a deep track. Not to mention a dog that has obsessive habits.

                  If you took him out to a park where there are joggers or cyclists - does he fix them with a solid stare from a distance? that's preherding prelaunch mode. If you want to do herding - that needs to be on permission/cue only. Otherwise you need to give him something else to do.

                  One of my faves is fancy trick heelwork.



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                    Hey I'm pretty sure it's a kelpie. Looks like my kelpie cross Queensland heeler


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                      Saeah, my puppy, Luna looks so similar to yours! Especially with the curled tail. I've been wondering if mine is a Kelpie as well. The shelter guessed her as a "German Shepherd/Lab" mix but I truly don't believe it is with her size. How big/how much does yours weigh? I'm attaching a picture of mine. I will say, I think mine has a shorter/smaller head/snout than yours. IMG_1421.jpg IMG_1421.jpg