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  • Kelpie ears and training

    Hi, we have rescued our now nearly 10 months old Kelpie from a farm where she was not showing desirable qualities of working dog (show line Kelpie perhaps?). Rosie was 7 months old when we got her as a family pet. She is absolutely adorable, however very hard to train as she is not food motivated at all. She has learnt "sit" and "shake" and working on "stay" command. She is absolutely unmanageable on the lead as she pulls and pulls. She doesnt seem to enjoy her obedience training as much as other kelpies would. And she doesnt like to fetch either. I must add, she was terrified of many things such cars, leash, sounds, people etc..when we brought her home, and she has done enormous progress with her socializing just in few months with us. I really would like to progress with her training though, any tips please?? And I m also wondering about her floppy ears, are they going to become pricky? She suppose to be a pure breed, but I m not sure with those floppy ears. Here is the picture. Thank you

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    If she is from a working farm she is most likely from working lines (I couldn't see her picture). Showlines are always red with no other colour. There are also red working kelpies, I have a red working kelpie and she has a narrow white blaze on her chest. Not every working line kelpie has desirable working traits. Working line kelpies can have floppy ears although I cant see what your kelpie looks like. Kelpies are not always easy to train especially if she has missed out on early socilaisation and is highly strung and nervous as some kelpies are. Kelpies are highly trainable but they are also smart and independent thinkers and are not inclined sometimes to be overly obedient lol.

    Does she like to tug? that is a good motivator. You can tempt her by getting a long piece of material and swishing and jerking it around like prey. Sometimes you just have to persevere with food. I have a young BC who is not much into food, but I have found food she likes - look for soft meats or cheese and use small pieces and substitute some for her normal food. Kelpies often respond to shaping games to get them interested in learning but first you need to establish something of value that she will work for. There a number of techniques for teaching to walk on a lead and I am sure someone will post ideas and links. I use different techniques on different dogs but it generally involves rewarding and reinforcing them at my side or stopping walking when they are pulling and /or walking in the other direction, but I have usually already established a reward system and a desire to learning through shaping exercises. There are also head halters etc to help although I have avoided using them but they can be helpful if used correctly.