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My little munchkins are growing.

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  • My little munchkins are growing.

    They are now 3 weeks old.
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    Congratulations to you with this litter !

    Looking very healthy and of course - so cute !

    How many Bs and Gs ?
    I have had to do some adjustment to my thinking about this breed of pups recently. It was very easy for me to put them in the 'swf class of pups'. They really are a breed with a lot of 'spunk' - not only in looks - but attitude !

    I hope all the new owners of these pups will appreciate all the care and time that you have given to the pups.

    Would love to see a photo of 'mum' and 'dad' !


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      Oh my gosh, they are so gorgeous!!


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        Well, we have 1 B and 4 G's... Sort of tell this will be one bitch of a litter !
        Dad is in my Sig below.
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          You gotta get the kitty litter toilet training going, I see.

          They are very cute. SG put heaps of trip hazards into the pen with hers for video, balls, balance disks, pool noodles and mobiles of dog toys etc.

          and the kitty litter, any puppy that sniff-squat got relocated to the kitty litter, and any puppy that thought it was a good place to sleep got removed. after not long - they all used the kitty litter...


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            The little munchkins have grown a little since the last vid.

            Here they are lined up to receive dinner. They are a little damp as they have just been playing in the water bowl.. ( Don't worry, it's 22c inside )



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              aw they are so cute, thanks for sharing.


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                All is quiet now. I guess I should have updated this thread more often, but things got rather hectic during the last months.
                Anyway, the last pup left us last Saturday. As it turns out, 1 pup went to Perth, 1 to Melbourne and 3 stayed in SE QLD. Our 7 month old male ( Keitaro ) loved having the young pups around and was always trying to get into the pen with the pups. On the odd occasion, he did get in and laid down on the vet bed and enjoyed having the 5 pups crawl all over him. We were more worried about a pup getting their very sharp claws into Keitaro's eyes, but He was not about to leave the pups under his own steam. We had to carry him out of the pen.
                Anyway, when the last pup left on Saturday, Keitaro has been in the doldrums missing his buddies. Mum dog ( Kirri ) on the other hand just carries on as usual .

                So now we just have Kuro ( sire ) , Kirri ( mum ) , Chouko ( mum of Keitaro ) and Keitaro as our permanent fur family.