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Fenced Dog Parks

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    A lovely lady and her very placid (and stubborn) rescue greyhound use to come to our off-leash park until her dog attacked a rude Jack Russell tied up to a fence. After that she came maybe twice and each time the dog was muzzled when she walked it and when it came inside, needless to say i think she was rattled and she lost trust in her dog.

    Another elderly lady who also had a rescue greyhound that i met once told me about how she broke her wrist after some kids drove their remote control car past her dog and he decided to chase it not giving her enough time to release the leash and she fell foward onto her wrist. So you will have to take into account that anything moving fast is a target, i think they should be muzzled at all times in case of those situations involving people and other animals.


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      I have closed this thread - because it's well over 2 years old.

      Feel free to start a new one if you want to talk about this but there are newer threads around about fenced dog parks.