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  • my goldens behaviour

    Hi everyone, we have a gorgeous 4 year old male retriever. Lovely boy, inside the house his behaviour and obedience is perfect! Drops items, sits, obeys most's commands ect.
    Outside the house, in the backyard, taking him for walks, he is totally out of our control! will not come when called, wont play fetch outside, walking him is difficult and so on.
    Do we basically have to re- train him outside again? we live in a hot area of WA, so he is inside a lot.
    Thank you for any ones advice.

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    Did you ever train him outside at all ? Or, was all his training inside ?

    I always start my training of my pups in the house. Your house has the lowest distraction rate. I then build the distraction rate up slowly from there – by going outside the house – and then finally outside the yard.
    Look at buying or making a ‘Treat Pouch’ and tie it around your waist. Fill it with very high level treats and practise again, again, again ……….again ! Being a Lab or GR – high level treats should not be a problem to find !

    Also, look at getting a long line lead and attach it to your waist - the length is up to you. That way you are hands free. But, if you need to take control of the lead – it is easy to do so.

    I suggest you go back to basics and start your training again in your house. As he is a 4 year old – he has had a lot of freedom in doing what he wants all these years ! Time to make some changes in his thinking and his freedom ! Use the treat pouch and lead in the house with his training.

    You say –
    Lovely boy, inside the house his behaviour and obedience is perfect! Drops items, sits, obeys most's commands ect.
    If he is not obeying all your commands in the house – then you need to get a tad tougher and make sure he does. I am not talking about being harsh with your pup – you just need to practise the command more times until he gets it right !

    Training sessions should only be short – no more than 5 mins. But you can do this a few times a day. These sessions should be fun for both of you and always end the training session on a high ! That is the last command you give him - should be one you know your pup can do !

    A couple of links for you to have a look at. Heaps of really good information for you - so have a good look around both links.


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      Is he leash trained? If not that might be a good place to start. Good way to teach recalls etc. You can train him to recall, walk etc on the leash inside if it is hot outside. Then once he has the idea train outside in the cool of the early morning or late afternoon.


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        yes, I agree with what Riley and Kalacreek said.

        You need to train the same stuff you thought he knew inside the house - in as many new places as you can think of...

        Start with him on lead - so you have some control..

        After you get to about 18 or so new places (Habitats or H) where he can do the stuff you've got inside the house - he should be able to do it most new places but it is something I'm always working on.

        My dog has different rules in her head for different places. It's different if she thinks she owns a space like our local park than a place she doesn't think she owns - like the beach. She has a different set of rules for my house than for anyone else's house (I have to be very careful about toilet training - ie redoing it and making sure she knows how to ask to be let out when she needs to go).

        Try to do some training very early in the morning - outside - before it gets too hot to think. Pick one thing and work on that. Pick some stuff you're fairly sure your dog knows - training it again will be faster - and help set up for training the bits that are less well known.

        For fetch - start close up with dog on lead... Also play race the dog to the fetch toy and if you win - play with the toy by yourself... ie a toddler always wants the other kid's toy...