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    For a few months my wife and I have been considering getting a dog to join our family, at first we were looking at pure breeds but ended up deciding we wanted to adopt a rescue pup and on the weekend we did just that from the RSPCA. This is Ruby, a very timid 10 week old Shar Pei x Amstaff (apparently) the vet there said we could do a dna test but they are pretty sure as they have the parents and her 3 other siblings in their care as well.

    She's had a rough time of nutrition it seems, but nothing we can't fix. I have never owned a Bully style breed before and I admit am a bit nervous, my dogs growing up were Whippets and I had a pure Lab who past away a few years ago. Ruby is doing really well so far with house training, and have started the basics.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew or had some pointers or gotcha's I should know and maybe could recommend a trainer to help us on the South side of Brisbane. We are in Sunnybank Hills. Ruby will predominantly be an indoor house dog as I want her close to us and part of the family.


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    Congratulations on your brand new gorgeous pup !

    Just remember that your little one is just 10 weeks old – she is just a baby - so don’t go expecting more from her than she can give you ATM. You need to teach her how she should behave.

    As pups this age have the brain span of a gnat – repetition is very important. Have a look at some threads on here – particularly – the puppy thread and the rescue thread. I am sure they will be a lot of very useful for you.

    What I have learnt over the years is:

    Never play fetch with a moving ball with a very young pup. Any injuries these pups go through – before their growth plates close – will come back and bite you big time - with increased vet fees and surgery in the future.

    I now understand very clearly – That it will take time, perseverance, patience, training, socialising, heaps of love, a very robust sense of humour and heaps of very special treats to get a pup to trust and bond with you. But - This all takes time and training !

    Training sessions for your pup should be no more than 5 minutes at one time. But you can do these training sessions a few times a day. Make them short and sweet and finish on a high note with something you know she can do easily.

    I must admit, I had a smile on all 4 of my cheeks – when I read that this little one will be an inside pup ! Good stuff !

    Have you considered crate training her ? I have found crate training makes toilet training so much easier. I also teach a cue word for toileting. I have found that also works really well for my pups.

    Puppy Kindy ? Though be careful where you take her - as her vaccinations - at this stage will not be enough to protect her appropriately.

    Ask any questions you want on here. This forum maybe a tad quiet now – but I am sure there will be someone around to answer your questions.

    Heaps and heaps of good luck wishes for you and your new pup !


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      Thank you!

      Ruby certainly behaves like a baby, but she is really surprising me with how well she is doing for her young age. Atm we spend a few minutes every couple of hours doing some training, just 10 or so repetitions of a command like sit, or stay etc and then let her play or chill out again.

      I will look into Crate training, fo far so good with the house training. No accidents yet but early days.


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        What an interesing cross. I wonder what she'll look like when she's fully grown.


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          Ruby has slotted into home life really well now after a week, really happy with her. I am looking forward to seeing her grow up.
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