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Bulldog cross Lab questions

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  • Bulldog cross Lab questions


    This is my Aussie Bulldog cross Labrador Reggie.

    He's 5 months old and around 25kg.

    Can anyone tell me how tall and heavy he is likely to get?

    Also, if you have the same breed with adult pics, I'd love to see them.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 8.57.16 pm.jpg

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    Hi 'Hogbinavic' and Welcome to the forum !

    You are asking a very difficult question here. With X-breeds – It is really like looking at how ‘long a piece of string is’ !

    OK – So - I did a ‘Mr G3&gle’ search and found these figures for weight and height for each breed – which is for an adult of the different breeds.

    LOL – Did you do a similar search ?

    Aussie Bulldogs:
    Weight: 28 – 35 kg. Height: 46 – 51 cm

    Weight: 29 – 36 kg. Height: 57 – 62 cm

    Going from these figures above - I would be a tad concerned that your boy is now 25 kg at 6 months old. His growth plates have not closed at this stage – So - if he is carrying excess weight – it will do him a lot of harm.

    What are you feeding him and how much ? What sort of exercise are you doing with him ?

    Maybe this link may also be helpful to you:


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      Hi. Thanks for the post. He's actually quite lean. I feed him a holistic Black Hawk food and give him less than the recommended amount. He gets regular exercise. Both his parents were big dogs. His mum was a big Aussie bulldog and dad a big lab. Vet said he's perfect weight and health. Vet thinks between 40-50 kgs. Was hoping some others would have bulladors to share their experience knowledge too.


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        Aussie bulldogs are rare enough - the crosses with anything - more rare again I imagine.

        He's not too bad for a puppy but I like to see a bit of rib definition but then we do agility - I can't imagine anything with a head that big being comfortable in a jumping sport. he might like "weight pull" tho.

        The bigger the dog tho - the less stress they need on their joints, so do be careful. Vets do not like to tell owners that their dogs could lose a bit of weight and be ok or healthier because so many owners get upset when they hear this.

        I told two fat people at the beach that one of their dogs looked great (athletic) and the other one was a bit of a keg and would need to lose weight if they wanted to do agility... And they got upset because they had just been to the vet who said their dog was fine. It was Keg SHAPED. Like oval from front to back... no tuck ahead of the back legs like yours has and it had double rolls of fat where the ribs should be... urk.

        It's one thing for humans to eat too much but... ok it can be hard to diet a dog - they do their best to talk us out of it.