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    Hi everyone,

    I have a beautiful 3 and a half month old staffy x bullmastiff pup and my other half would like to have a litter with him before we get him desexed. I am looking for any information any one might have on how the best way to advertise that we would like to breed him when he gets a bit older. any information will help please and thank you

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    Wrong place to come for advice on breeding dogs for no good reason. Take a trip to your local pound to see what happens to excess dogs. Ask yourself if you want to contribute to that. If you do, don't expect any respect from dog lovers.

    Sorry, don't mean to sound unfriendly. I'm sure you're nice people. But the days when it was acceptable to have litters purely for your own enjoyment are long gone, I'm afraid. It is regarded as highly unethical these days for very good reasons.


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      Please don't. Just go and get your dog desexed. Thank you.


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        Theres no market for your crossbred dog's the cost of breeding it would far outway any money you'd make. You might find yourself having to give the dogs away or leaving them at a shelter in the long run.

        Your wallet will suffer big time.......and pups of those breeds are prime bait dogs for dog fighters who just love cheap or free dogs to train thier fighting dogs with.

        Sorry mate...but it would be a huge mistake to breed your dog...way to young for it aswell.

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          If I were you I wouldn't even consider it. Staffies already overpopulate pounds, there are far far far too many currently being bred and for no good reason.

          If I were you I would just get your pup desexed at 6 months and save yourself the trouble.

          Here are couple of posts I suggest you read.

          You will still have a while to go before your puppy will be ready to breed if you do decide to go ahead with it. I would wait until the dog has matured properly which could be up to 3 years old.

          The only reason a lot of members are against it is because we have worked at the other end in rescue caring for dogs that are the result of back yard breeders who do it for silly reasons. There is nothing worse than seeing a dog or puppy sit in a cage because it doesn't have a home.

          There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.


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            There are thousands of Staffies in Rescue.
            There are many more thousands PTS every year.
            Most of them are/were lovely social dogs who were surrendered through no fault of their own.

            De-sex your dog.
            Then you will be part of the "solution" - instead of
            part of the "problem".


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              Totally agree with the others.

              Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.


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                I have to agree with everyone else. Staffies and their mixes are dumped in pounds and elsewhere day in, day out. People can't even give away their litters so just dump them. The lucky ones are surrendered to a pound only to languish there till their time is up and then they're destroyed. The unlucky ones just get dumped wherever (sides of roads, bush land, parks, creeks, tips etc). It seems to me that you've got no reason to allow your dog to produce a litter. I'd be asking myself what's in it for my dog and any potential puppies before acting on a rather silly human (and inhumane) impulse.

                Also, dogs can be safely de-sexed by any decent vet from eight weeks of age. There's no longer a "need" to wait for the dog to be six months or older so why not do it sooner? Your dog will heal much more quickly and his behaviour will change for the better before any seriously bad habits have a chance to develop.


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                  If you insist of breeding your dog - it will be a waste of an animal's life
                  In addition there are a lot of Pig Dogs around if that's where you heading


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                    Hi jaxsowner, why why why????? Smack your OH, then take your pup to the vet for desexing, PLEASE .....