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Border Collie/kelpie Nipping and Licking

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  • Border Collie/kelpie Nipping and Licking

    I just wrote a whole email and lost it!! My 4 year old bc/kelpie constantly licks my 3 year old grandson's mouth/face. He doesn't nip so much as his teeth do hit my little one's face because he pushes at him and of course it hurts. He hasn't broken the skin, but I am terrified he will. I tell Cody 'don't' and he stops immediately, usually sits and stays for me too. But the trouble is, he goes back to doing it. He's highly excitable around my grandsons, he adores being with them and I realise this is a herding instinct, and Cody mean absolutely no harm. But I am frightened he will harm him. Cody is a major part of my family. Can anyone help me? Have I written in the right area?

    Thanks so much,

    Sandra and Cody (and Bella too, my staffie x)