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Problems When Walking- Please Help

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  • Problems When Walking- Please Help

    My one year old border named Cody and i have been walking together ever since he was fully vaccinated as a pup.We used to be able to walk him without and troubles but as he has gotten older he has picked up some very unwelcome habits. It started pretty mild when he would stop and stare down bikes as they went past, we would check him as we were told at obedience and keep moving. Now months later we have to completely divert off the path because Cody starts leaping out at the bikes barking and showing his teeth. We have tried talking to the obedience instructors for advice, turning him the opposite direction so he cant see the bikes and using food distractions but none of these methods work. I even tried to copy ceasar millan after watching the dog whisperer. I also tried to neutralize my thoughts and emotions incase they were influencing his behaviour. I have also tried introducing the bikes to him up close in our own backyard without success. The problem seems to be progressing as he is now weary of joggers who jog past quickly and ladies with prams or kids with scooters. Cody is a very sweet dog who gets alot of love and stimulation in this household but we cant seem to find what is causing this behaviour. He loves people and would never bite someone deliberatly but he seems to believe that people with these objects are in some sort of danger or are dangerous to me and my family. We walk him twice a day, everyday, for about 30 minutes to an hour. Cody has his normal border collie type antics but this seems to be his most worrying behaviour to me. He is a very intelligent dog. We didnt get him from a registered breeder but we rescued him from some horrific conditions and he has turned into the most beautiful and loving dog i have owned yet. I wish there was some way i could understand what is going on in his head when we walk and how i can help him, can you help me?
    <3 Cody <3

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    I think you should neuter him to lessen his aggression to bikers and joggers. Neutering and spaying has been proven to lessen dog aggression.
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