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  • Border Collie Puppy Food

    I have a 14 week old Border Collie. What would you recommend for his food? Dry or canned? Price wise?

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    For dogs if the only options are dry or wet, I'd say dry. I personally like to feed dry and raw or dry and the dog rolls from Prime100.

    Brands of dry I recommend are:
    Black Hawk (Roughly $100 for a 20kg bag depending where you shop).
    Meals for Mutts ($120ish for a 20kg bag depending where you shop).
    Ivory Coat ($90ish for 13kg depending where you shop).

    Personally I like Meals for Mutts best, Black Hawk used to be great but I found my dogs didn't thrive on it like they used to so I switched. I've heard good things about Ivory Coat but It's out of my price range so I've never tried it. My dogs are doing great on Meals for Mutts.


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      I feed nutro natural choice - they have a puppy version. Made by the same company as Advance - but my dog got the runs on the adult advance. And it's the same company that make mars bars - go figure.

      But I also make my own casserole dinner out of roo mince for my dog. Just as well at the moment - she's just had a tooth out so can only eat mushy food.

      There are a lot of raw meat based diets but I would probably wait until your dog is full grown before feeding that unless you can find someone (eg breeder) to advise. Just meat by itself is not enough for a dog nutrition requirements.

      Price wise - the sky is the limit.