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  • How to control / stop biting

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    I had a Singleton puppy that was a bit of a biter

    So I taught her "off"

    So when puppy bites or grabs anything I would lure her off with a treat.... Once she was interested in the treat I would lure a sit. I did this a few times and once she started doing it as she saw the treat, I used the word "off"

    That went on to using the word "off" and giving the treat after the pup went off

    And so she learned the word "off"... I rewarded for quite a while and from that only sporadically

    Dogs need to know what we mean, so teaching a word that produces what you want...

    Most people carry on and move about too much... this is done quietly and minimally exiting.

    also teach your pup to do something with that mouth ... teach retrieves and "give"... if you look up Kikopup on youtube you will find many games to play with puppies that teach them to do things.

    my mouth dog brings everything she finds to me.... she hopes to be rewarded, but mostly that is now a thank you. she now chews nothing, picks up everything I drop and brings all sorts of found items.

    we create the dog that chews and chases... make it fun to bring to you and reward a puppy often and slowly not so often and only praise... it stops all this damage...

    and for a puppy a nice knuckle bone gets rid of all that chew frustration.... when they are teething give a frozen one, it is comforting and helps prevent damage to what you don't want chewed
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