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Riley our new Wheaton Border Collie

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  • Riley our new Wheaton Border Collie

    Hi All,

    Just thought i would introduce myself and say g'day. My name is Seth, and my girlfriend and I will soon be owner of a male Wheaton BC.
    We are getting so excited to meet our new puppy, and are collecting him on the 22nd of December, perfect timing for my end of yeah time off - hence good time to start training and bond with my new boy!

    Growing up i had two border collies and am very aware of their exercise and mental stimulation needs. I am a builder and project manager, and envisage taking Riley with me to work every day, this involves walking around different building site and a few trips in the car each day.

    In order to get Riley comfortable with sites, along with the noises and variety of people materials we come in contact with, i was wondering how soon i should be introducing him to these places (obviously ensuring hes not around jackhammers or loud nail guns at first)

    Also what is the best set up for the vehicle with the dog? I have a dual cab Ute - with a roller shutter covering the back tub.

    The beauty is, i will have the opportunity to stop at parks on the way to and from work sites, and can stop for a play if i see him getting restless. Plus finishing at 3pm most days allows for plenty of afternoon fun!

    Anyway that's about enough from me for one message!