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Thinking of getting a Border Collie!

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  • Thinking of getting a Border Collie!

    Hello! so me and my family are thinking of getting a border collie puppy, I have been researching about them and I can see that it is obvious that they need lots of mental and physical exercise.

    I live in a small house with a small/medium sized yard and high fences. I know this might be a problem but luckily we also live very close to a dog park, two ovals and many walking trails. I would plan on exercising my dog for around 2-3 hours every day and I intend on teaching them frisbee to get their energy out. I also want to get into more advanced tricks/ obedience and agility.

    Would this be enough exercise for when my dog gets older?

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    2 to 3 hours is too much for a puppy and probably for a not farm dog. Mental exercise in an urban setting is more important than physical fitness - or with border collies (and other clever dogs) - you can end up with super fit destructo dog.

    Agility training is awesome but you want to start with foundation - which has no jumps or jumping or weaves etc until they're about 12 to 18 months old. See if you can find an agility club that runs puppy classes or foundation classes.

    Frisbee and fetch can be a little bit risky of joint injury - especially shoulders - you also want to wait until they're a bit older before you do that. One thing that helps is working on self control (its yer choice game etc), getting the dog to face the direction of the throw before you throw - and not run around in front of you until you throw and then spin (and maybe break something) to chase.

    With fetch for me and my dog - it's more about the mental exercise than the physical eg she has to heel, or hold a drop stay before I throw. I sometimes make her wait until the ball has stopped before she's allowed to go get it and she's supposed to bring it straight back - not go for a run in the water (beach) before returning and deliver it back to my hand (can't reach) before I will throw it again. each component usually needs to be trained separately.

    Susan Garrett has heaps of fantastic info on agility and training - and she's got all border collies at the moment - tho her students have every dog you can think of.

    You might also find this interesting - especially for your puppy.
    how much is too much exercise?


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      There are 2 types of Border collie. The working bred and the showbred. In my experience of owning the both the showbred is often more suited to suburban life. They are still active intelligent dogs suited for dog sports and you need to find a good breeder but they are generally less intense and driven by the need to work than the purpose bred working BC. Working BC can also make good pets but they can be very high drive dogs and love to work. Border collies generally excel at dog sport.

      Yes try not to overdo exercise when young especially on hard surfaces and jumping there are foundation agility classes you can take puppies to which teach you what is safe and what is not for a young dog. Having said that most of our working Border collies will start working sheep on farms out here from early on.

      Planning for a couple of hours a day when they are older should be ample, make sure it is a mix of physical and mental and include the dog in your life as much as possible
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