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  • Puppy eye colour

    We recently bought a puppy border collie, however he is still too young to come home. The breeder has been updating us with pics every so often and we have noticed his eye colour changing. We knew it would change over time, however, in the most recent pic (see below) he appears to have two different coloured eyes. One light blue and one a dark shade of blue or brown. We are just wondering if he is set to have two different coloured eyes? Or do the eye colours change at different rates and the other eye will catch up and match in a few weeks?

    He had a fun day playing in puddles, so is a little muddy. Haha.

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    I've noticed pups who have one or both eyes that are a light pale blue generally seem to keep the blue colour. Darker blue changes to brown. I'm gonna guess that the lighter eye will stay blue and the darker one will go brown... I could be wrong, but you'll know soon

    He will grow up to be a very striking dog, especially if he ends up with one blue eye like this dog!
    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.22.07 AM.jpg

    Absolutely gorgeous pup no matter what his eye colour, looks like he's had lots of fun in the mud!


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      It is not uncommon for Border collies to have one blue eye and one brown