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    I am so very new to forums and in desperate need of some advice.
    I have a 8 month old beaglier- who is much more beagle than cavalier. Anyway he is still nipping/biting it is very playful, bum up tail-wagging yet painful nonetheless.

    We have tried everything! yelping, turning away, holding his mouth shut, yelling 'no', time out in the bathroom and shaking a tin can of rocks- but nothing seems to work! He is still quite small, so its mainly ankles and bottom of pants/skirts, once you try to catch him he runs away and wants to be chased (which was avoid doing)

    But I was hoping for some tips or tricks to try!! PLEASE!

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    We have tried everything! yelping, turning away, holding his mouth shut, yelling 'no', time out in the bathroom and shaking a tin can of rocks- but nothing seems to work!
    Not very surprised.

    Have you tried training him to do something else.

    I know that yelping doesn't work neither do most of the other methods. No method will work unless you are very consistent about it. You don't have to be perfect but there has to be a consequence 4 out of 5 times.

    The best consequence is to make sure he doesn't get what he wants.

    What he wants is - attention (check), chase me game (check), more attention (check check), chase the squealing ankles (check).

    Ie how many of the things you tried - actually encourage him by giving him what he wants.

    If you can't catch him - collar grab is a good game to teach him.

    Also bait and switch - ie always have something around that is ok for him to chomp down on. Encourage him if he fetches the chomping toy to you. I'd recommend a black kong on a rope for this dog. Cow hoof might also be good. he's probably had some teething problems too.

    So - back to collar grab. Before dinner. Get your tug toy. Get ten yummy treats. Or 25 yummy treats if he seems a bit slow. Grab his collar, say his name, give him a treat. Let him go. Count to three - repeat. After five treats, offer him the tug, wave it on the ground, if he grabs hold of it - let him initiate the tug - don't rip it straight out of his mouth. Count 10 seconds of tug (or him playing with the toy) then do 5 more collar grabs (remember to count to three - allow his attention to wander if possible - between repeats).

    Try to play this game once a day - but more often is ok. treats should be tiny like half the size of your little finger nail. I play during commercial breaks on the telly.

    You can also teach it's your choice or "itsyerchoice" (google youtube or here).

    And look up kikopup for more trick training ideas.

    What trick training does - is wear your dog's mind out. It also gives him attention on your terms. Don't be giving it away for free.

    And eventually it gives you a means to put him in a crate or time out (collar grab) without making a fuss. Note when you do put him where he can't get attention or bite you - do give him something else to do - like the cow hoof chew or a stuffed frozen kong. You don't want it to be a punishment exactly - you want it to be a consequence / response cost where he doesn't get any attention from biting. You want to be really boring when you put him apart from you too, no yelling, scolding, shaking tins, nothing. BORING.

    And start with a short period of time like 30 seconds. And if he repeats the nipping - oh you just won yourself some more apart time... and boring... be swift and consistent.

    But also try to give him something else to do - like have a mat that he is on when you are all moving about the house (temptation and incompatible behaviour - he can't be nipping if he's on the mat) mats like collar grabs should be paired with lots of treats.

    And maybe google "NILIF" or "nothing in life is free" and work that with him - make sure he only gets attention on your terms.


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      All puppies bite – that is how they work out what is what in their life ! To keep them away from your good stuff and your tender bits - find something else that your pup can chew on.

      During this biting stage - I have used carrots, chicken wings, and apples without the core – to give an alternative chew choice. Stuffed toys were also a big hit with the pup !

      Looks like your pup has decided this is the best game of all !

      What sort of training have you done with your pup ? Time to look seriously at ‘Dog School’ for the both of you - if you haven't already !

      Your pup is coming into the ‘Terrible Teenager Time’. This is when they become deaf, forget things, defiant and tend to push all your buttons !

      Kikopup always has heaps of videos you can view: