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  • Beagles

    Hey to start of the Beagle forum i thought i would just post some information on all the breeds in the breed forums. If thats ok with you Morgan? I am going to do this on all the breeds in here so you can learn about your four legged friend! Thanks I have found all the information in my dog encyclopaedia.

    Size: Small- 30-40cm and they can weigh up to about 9KG (20lb)
    Grooming: Easy
    Exercise: Considerable
    Temperament: Genially Stubborn

    And there you have it a few facts on Beagle's.

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    This perfectly describes my boy Max.

    It couldn't be more right.


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      My JoJo is crossed with a black cocker but she's ALL beagle! The only cocker part about her is her colouring! She is naughty, willful, stubborn, playful, lazy, a piggy at feed time but above all else she is a truly seet little girl who wants nothing more than a cuddle.


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        The dog is excellent with children and good with other dogs too. However, they need to be socialized with cats and other non-canine household pets while as pups so as to ensure that they can get along well with them later.
        Border Collies are like potato chips, you really can't have just oneā€¦


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          i have a beagle x cocker...... I swear she has the bad points of both breeds.... no matter tha training i put into her, she is impossible to walk on lead pulls like crazy and spins about like a damn snapper... the amout of times I have stacked it walking this damn dog is insane!and come when called, sure shell come if there is nothing more important to do, lol. couldnt toilet train her to save myself, actually no, it is more she is too much of the cocker princess to go all the way out through the doggy door to go and squat on the cold grass, least it is only during the night!

          But, she is amazingly beautiful! perfect with the kids. she is instinctivly gentle with them. amazingly patient. and oh so playful in just the right way! Wouldnt swat her for the world!


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            I have a purebred beagle name Gemma. She's got the prettiest face. She's going on 5 yrs old now and showing 'white hair' from aging already around her face. Do they usually age quicker than other dogs? She's still fast at running..but obviously matured more since a pup. She gave me no sleep for 6 nights straight and for two years ripped everything to shreds!! But we love her so much. She's the best dog I've ever had.


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              The white hair is not so much aging early as a genetic thing some have. Just like some people go grey in their 20s... I went to high school with a guy who was greying!!

              Beagles are amazing characters, just gorgeous.